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The fate of Freya Mavor was a foregone conclusion long before her birth, because the girl’s lineage is closely related to art. It is not surprising that she chose an acting career for herself and became a favorite of the audience.

Childhood and youth

Freya Mavor (Freya Mavor) was born on August 13, 1993 in Glasgow, UK. Her family is closely related to theatrical art. Great-great-grandfather founded the drama college of theater, which was the prerequisite for the creation of the Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. My grandfather headed the Arts Council in Scotland. His father is a renowned playwright and professor of screenwriting courses at the University of Edinburgh.

It is not surprising that Freya herself became interested in acting in her early years. Her first role was as Miranda in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest . The girl studied at Eugene Fromentin College and Mary Erskine School. In addition, she was fond of music and vocals. At the age of 12 she performed with the National Choir of Scotland.

The star has two brothers – Hugo and Alex.


Her debut on television was the role of Minnie McGuinness in the drama ” Skins “, which tells about the life of adolescents. The heroine Mavor is a seemingly self-confident and arrogant girl who is actually trying to hide her vulnerability to the world. The actress admitted that she originally auditioned for the role of Grace Blood, but in the end she found her character witty and brave, although she did not think about the consequences of her actions. As a result, the character of Freya fell in love with the audience, she was nominated for the TV Choice Awards.

In the same year, the actress entered the ranking of the sexiest women of the year, published by FHM. She also received the title of the star of the future from Screen International magazine.

The next successful role of the young performer was Elizabeth of York in the historical drama The White Queen. The series is based on the novels by Philip Gregory . The plot revolves around the struggle for the throne in the era of the War of the Scarlet and White Rose, as well as the stories of three women who try to achieve their goals by any means. Mavor embodied the image of the daughter of one of the main characters, Elizabeth Woodville. Her co-stars are Rebecca Ferguson , Max Irons and Anairin Barnard .

In 2014, the series “New Worlds” was released. This is a story about the adventures of four main characters living in Great Britain and the USA during the 17th century. Jamie Dornan became Mavor’s partner .

A year later, the actress again managed to get the main role. She played Dani in the thriller Lady with Glasses and with a Gun in the Car. Her character has to go through difficult trials in order to understand himself and rethink his life. During the filming, the girl had to speak French, which made it possible to demonstrate a good knowledge of the language that she learned from childhood.

In subsequent years, Freya’s filmography continued to be replenished with supporting roles. She appeared in the films The Virtuoso, The Jews, and Cezanne and Me, as Natalie in the musical comedy Modern Life Sucks and Margaret in the dramatic biography The Goalkeeper. The girl managed to be remembered and loved by the audience thanks to her acting and natural charm.

In 2018, she met again on the set with Anairin Barnard. This time, they played a couple in the comedy “You Die Or We Will Give You Your Money Back.” The plot revolves around a writer who became disillusioned with life and hired a hitman to end his torment. Mavor got the role of young Ellie, who helps the hero to believe in himself again.

Personal life

The girl prefers to keep her personal life a secret. She pays more attention to creativity.

Freya Mavor now

In 2019, the film “Balance, Not Symmetry” was released, in which the star played a minor role

Now Mayvor continues filming a movie. She actively runs Instagram , where she often publishes memorable works of art, photos and frames from her favorite films.

Freya rarely pleases fans with pictures in a swimsuit, but they note that the girl manages to keep herself in good shape. With a height of 178 cm, she weighs 55 kg.

So far, the most important achievement in the biography of the Carver brothers is the series “Teen Wolf”: Max played Aidan, and Charlie played Ethan. They are Alpha werewolves who can transform into one powerful werewolf. The younger Carver’s character had an unhappy ending.

In the further filmography of Max Carver can be noted the series “Left Behind”, the films “Ask Me Anything” (2014), “Male Intervention” (2014), “In the Cloud” (2018).

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