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British actress Indira Varma attracts fans not only with her talented acting, the woman also has an exotic appearance and an unusual name for England. The artist has worked in numerous TV series and films, some of which have become bestsellers and were broadcast around the world.

Childhood and youth

Varma’s biography began in the UK, in the city of Bath, in the fall of 1973. The girl’s mother is Swiss with Italian roots, and her father is Hindu. This combination gave her an unusual appearance, which helped in the future to attract attention and stand out among other numerous actors.

Already in childhood, Varma began to show interest in art, and therefore decided to receive education in this field. After graduating, the girl entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts for an internship.


Varma’s debut in cinema came in 1996. It was then that the audience first saw her on the screen in the film by Mira Nair “Kama Sutra: A Love Story”. In her youth, Indira managed to easily transform into different characters, so her first appearance on the screen was successful, and later Varma received a couple more offers to shoot.

True, then these were little-known films “The Sixth Lucky” and “Gina”, but the work in them brought the girl confidence and new experience. Also in the early period, she got roles in the series “Treachery of the Mountains”, “Psychos”, “Children of Other Children” and other films. Until about the mid-2000s, Varma remained a little-known artist who played in low-budget films that did not bring success and fame.

This lasted until 2005 until Indira starred in the multi-part film “Rome”, which transports the viewer into the atmosphere of Ancient Rome, where famous historical figures became the main characters. Varma got the role of Niobe, the girl appeared in 15 episodes. At the same time, other films appeared on the screens, in which the actress participated: “Inspector

Personal life

Not much is known about the actress’s personal life. The woman has a common-law husband Colin Tierney, with whom she now lives in London. The couple are raising a joint daughter, Evelyn.

The actress is active on social networks, maintains pages on Twitter and Instagram , regularly publishes fresh photos concerning her work and leisure. The woman does not post pictures in a swimsuit, but even without this, the slender figure of Indira is visible in the photographs. Although she devotes a lot of time to work, she also devotes a couple of hours a week to sports.

Indira Varma now

Varma still works in the film industry. In 2019, the movie “Carnival Row” was released, where the artist appeared in the image of Pieta Brixpeare and got into the main cast of the film. This is a fantasy television series about mythical creatures. They left their homeland mired in war and settled in ordinary cities, but people are not happy with such a neighborhood.

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