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Jennifer Lawrence is an American-born Hollywood actress who gained worldwide popularity after participating in two grossing Hollywood franchises. The performer quickly found her niche in American cinema and reached the top of the list of the highest-paid stars of the “dream factory”. Even today she is not going to give up her place on the podium, adding new statuettes to the collection of prestigious awards.

Childhood and youth

Jennifer was born on August 15, 1990, the son of Gary Lawrence, owner of a construction company, and Karen Lawrence, kindergarten manager in Indian Hills, Kentucky. The family had three children. The girl became the youngest daughter in the family after the two eldest sons – Blaine and Ben. The ancestors of Jennifer’s parents were Scots, Irish, Germans and English.

Already at the age of 14, Jenny knew that she would become an actress. The girl asked her parents to travel to New York to find an agent. There she was waiting for the first success – Jennifer was invited to shoot an advertisement for the Abercrombie & Fitch brand. After 2 years, Lawrence made her film debut.


Jennifer Lawrence’s cinematic biography began with her role in City Company. The popularity of Jennifer Lawrence was brought by the film “House of Poker”. The film premiered at the annual Los Angeles Film Festival, and the young actress won the Best Actress Award.

Viewers saw the picture “The Hunger Games ” in March 2012, after which Jennifer Lawrence came to the long-awaited popularity. In addition to the positive feedback from the filmmakers, the film was brilliantly released, multiplying profits. Thanks to this fact, the film “The Hunger Games” has become one of the highest grossing films in the history of Hollywood.

In the same year, Jennifer starred in Russell Crowe ‘s My Boyfriend Is Crazy opposite Bradley Cooper . The actress got the role of Tiffany, a young woman who was widowed early and drowned out the pain of losing sex. For this work, Lawrence received an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Soon the filmography of the actress was replenished with another picture of Crowe – “American Scam”, based on real events. The girl had to reincarnate as a mentally unbalanced woman, Jenn coped with the task brilliantly.

Possessing enviable body parameters (Jennifer’s height is 171 cm, and her weight is less than 60 kg), the actress has been recognized many times as one of the sexiest ladies in the world. Well, the fans of the performer have been convinced more than once that any haircut, styling and hair color suits the beauty. Every time, appearing on the red carpet, Jennifer surprises her followers with a new image.

Personal life

In 2011–2013, Jennifer dated Nicholas Hoult. The actors met on the set of X-Men. First grade”. After 2 years, the couple broke up. When the movie “My Boyfriend is Crazy” was released, speculation about Lawrence’s relationship with Bradley Cooper appeared. But the man denied these rumors, saying that Jennifer is suitable for fathers.

n 2016, Jennifer started an affair with director Darren Aronofsky , who invited the star to his project “ Mom! “. The couple spent a lot of time together, which influenced the emergence of romantic feelings.

The celebrity romance ended soon after the end of the filming project, and after 5 months a new satellite, Cooke Maroney, the owner of a private gallery of modern art, was seen in the orbit of the Hollywood star.

Jennifer Lawrence now

Now the artist’s work schedule is filled to the limit, Jennifer barely has time to combine all the projects in which she participates. And if in 2019 only the blockbuster “X-Men: Dark Phoenix ” replenished its piggy bank , then several premieres are announced for 2024. It is also known that the performer will appear in the biographical film “Feud” and the drama “East of Paradise”.

On Instagram there is a celebrity fan page, where she appears in front of followers in various images.

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