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Twins are wildly popular in the world of show business: Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel , the stars of the Harry Potter story – James and Oliver Phelps , Dean and Dan Kaiten, the creators of the DSquared2 brand. The brothers Carver – Max and Charlie – are keeping up with their older comrades. They are best known for the TV series Teen Wolf . Max Carver is younger, but his older brother can envy his filmography.

Childhood and youth

Max Carver’s real name is Robert Maxwell Carver Martensen. He was born on August 1, 1988 in San Francisco, California. Formally, the actor was born a day later than his twin brother: Charlie Carver was born on July 31, and 7 minutes later, when Max’s first cry was heard in the ward, it was August 1.

The boys were brought up in the family of philanthropist Ann Carver and writer Robert Martensen. The relationship between the parents did not work out, in the end they divorced. Only at the age of 11 did the twins find out the reason: their father was more interested in men than women.

In 1992, Anne and her new husband, Denis Sutro, took Max and Charlie and moved to Calistoga, California’s “wine mecca”. The brothers spent all their childhood with their mother and later took her last name.

In 2007, after graduating from the prestigious St. Paul’s Boarding School in Concord, New Hampshire, Max Carver moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. It was here, on the famous shopping street Melrose Avenue, that the directors of the series Desperate Housewives noticed the twins. That walk drastically turned the biography of Max Carver.

Personal life

In “Teen Wolf” the main difference between werewolves-twins is their sexual preferences. While Aidan is buried in the arms of Lydia Martin (played by Holland Roden ), Ethan has fun with Danny Mahilani (played by Kiau Cahuanui). In the brothers’ personal lives, everything is exactly like this: Max Carver prefers girls, and Charlie came out in 2016.

The passionate relationship between Aidan and Lydia carried over into the lives of Max Carver and Holland Roden in 2013. At first, young people hid sympathy, but they were increasingly met in each other’s happy company.

In 2016, news emerged that the actors had parted ways. There was no official confirmation or denial of this. Nor does Carver ‘s Instagram help clarify the situation : he basically posts photos with friends or brother, but Rodin never got into the frame.

Max Carver is 183 cm tall and weighs 70 kg. Unlike his brother, he is left-handed.



In the 2000s, Desperate Housewives could only compete in popularity with the TV series Sex and the City . The storyline of these shows is similar and different at the same time. The focus is on four girlfriends who, in the first case, decide to devote their lives to home comfort, and in the second – to finding love, parties and fashionable clothes. Entering the cast of Desperate Housewives is a real gift for the Carver brothers. They played the sons of one of the main characters, Linnett Scavo (played by Felicity Huffman ): Max played Preston, and Charlie played Porter. Max Carver appeared in 40 episodes of Desperate Housewives. His brother was made almost the main star from the 5th season, and he lasted 22 episodes longer in the cast. Wanting to make up the difference, the younger twin began with a manic urge to expand his list of projects.

Max Carver latest

It seems that the directors have forgotten about Max Carver a bit. The actor used the resulting free time wisely: he learned to play the guitar and draw, supported Garrett Holev, a kickboxer with Down syndrome.

It is known that in 2024, Carver’s filmography will be replenished with the film “Batman” by Matt Reeves . Now the actor is busy on the set of this film.

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