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Do Live Online Casinos Cheat Their Gamblers

If you have ever engaged in a game of gambling, you know where it all starts – by taking a risk. It’s all that gambling is about, taking risks and gaining out of it. But one thing is to take a chance by playing a game you know and losing, and a whole another if you get cheated. It’s not risking to win if you’re set to lose from the other party’s malpractice involved. When you play, you need to have a fair chance of winning; this is the only way you should ever engage in gambling. Some players play every day and still claim that online casinos rig their games. They believe that there are strangest ways to lose a game and that they happen way too often to be considered a coincidence.

Claims are these are widespread across the web, and they grow with each passing day. For those involved with the industry, this seems like complete and utter nonsense. Online casinos are so popular these days, and they have massive revenue, which is why players believe that the games are rigged. When you have much success, people will try to find something against you. This has happened to live online casinos that are blamed for huge revenues because it’s easier to believe that they’re cheating and not that they have millions of players generating gains. This article will try to defend online casinos and answer whether live online casinos cheat their gamblers. Let’s start.

Do online casinos cheat?

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This is one of the most frequent questions asked regarding web casinos. Furthermore, people also ask if online casinos are legit, are they honest, do they try to cheat, or are they safe? These are followed by a standard, are games rigged, and can you trust an online establishment? Our tremendous experience with online gambling tells us that there are people on the internet who will try to scam you and cheat you out of your money. Of course, there is! But, if you choose a well run online casino, a legitimate one, with license and credibility, you won’t have any of these issues. View Playamo casino if you want to play without any worries. Casinos that have a permit are being run as a legitimate business do not cheat their players.

But, there are reasons why people believe otherwise. Many factors influence this belief, and the three biggest ones are the frequency of games, playing alone, and past reputation. In this article, we will explain these three factors and try to disperse the belief that online casinos are out there to cheat on their players.

Frequency of Games

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This is what online casinos are all about – playing from your home—a massive advantage. Besides, you’re playing against the casino, and there’s no need to wait for other players to place their bets. Chips are virtual, so the tables are quickly cleaned, and remain between the hands is minimal. You probably know this if you waited for the roulette ball to spin in a real casino, which sometimes can last for ages. Because of this, you spend less time in an online casino than a land-based one. Or, if you’re looking at it from the wrong side, you can spend more money in less time.

Now, this is where the first issues come along. The faster the game goes forward, the quicker glitches or the unexpected events that players see as cheating come your way. This has nothing to do with probability. If you ever played roulette, you know that the chances of getting six consecutive reds are 1 in 64. This can happen in both casinos, but the chances are that you’ll see it more frequently in online ones, not because it happens more often but because the ball spins faster and the pauses between the spins are shorter. It is because of things these that players start believing that online casino games are rigged.

Playing Alone

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Like we already said, when you switch to online gambling, most of the time, you’re be playing on your own. Because of this, and the coziness of your home, you’ll be in great advantage, but it also brings its way a specific psychological tool. Let’s say you’re playing in a land-based casino, a game of poker. While you might be on a lousy run, at least one of the other players at the table will be winning at the same time. Because of this, you’ll believe that the game is honest without a doubt. This is in human nature. But, when playing online, you can’t see it for yourself when someone is winning or losing; you’re only focused on yourself. And when you lose a hand you believed you were close to winning; there’s no one to turn to. Because of this, you can get the impression that something is going on and that it’s not right.

Past Reputations

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As you probably witnessed, online casinos became rather popular in recent years, especially after the coronavirus outbreak. This gave space to various shady characters to try and run their online business. This was in the early days, when the belief that online casinos are cheating originated, and for all the right reasons. There were scammers, and people were fleeced in online casinos. But, fast forward a couple of years, and shady places with low reputations have been eradicated, mostly because they were not only caught by authorities but with the rise of legal businesses as well. But, it’s hard to get rid of a reputation like that, and some people like to believe that online casinos are going to try and cheat them out of their money. The truth is, this rarely happens anymore, and cases in the past were few and far between.

So do online casinos cheat?

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If the article above didn’t persuade you, let’s say it once more – no, they do not cheat, and the games are not rigged. There are many casinos out there that are legal, with a high reputation, and great games waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to take your chances.

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