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Alexa Davalos was destined to become the star of the screen, because she comes from an acting dynasty. The actress drew attention to herself, starring in the action movie ” The Chronicles of Riddick “, after which she never ceased to delight the audience, embodying different images.

Childhood and youth

Alexa Davalos Dunas was born on May 28, 1982 in Paris. She comes from a creative family: her father is a professional photographer and her mother is an actress. The maternal grandfather and grandmother also acted in films, therefore, as a little girl, Alexa often visited the set, and at the preschool age she made her debut on the screens, starring in the film “Riviera”.

In the early years of her biography, Davalos often moved with her parents, she had a chance to visit cities in France and Italy, so the celebrity speaks several languages. Being older, she moved to New York, where, thanks to her bright appearance, she was able to get a job as a model. She posed for Peter Lindbergh , but soon the genes took their toll, and Alexa realized that she was fascinated by the theater. The artist joined the Off Broadway Flea Theater, and then continued her career on television.

Personal life

In his youth, Davalos had an affair with Josh Lucas , which ended in parting. She was able to find happiness in her personal life only a few years later with her colleague Josh Stewart, who became her husband in 2019. The couple often appear in public together and share romantic photos on social networks.


In 2002, Alexa appeared on the screens in the film “Shores”, where she played an episodic character. In the same year, she expanded her filmography with short appearances in projects such as The Phantom of F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Uncertain. The first wave of popularity came after the actress embodied the image of Gwen in the TV series “Angel”.

The heroine Davalos is a girl with superpowers who wears a red latex suit, has skills in combat and electrokinesis. As the artist admitted in an interview with Paul Fisher, her on-screen outfit was very hot and uncomfortable, but it definitely went with the character.

After the premiere of the picture, where Alexa accompanied Vin Diesel , she became a star. The heroine in her performance turned out to be not only belligerent, but also charming, which did not leave indifferent the male audience.

It was expected that after this, the artist’s career would skyrocket, because The Chronicles of Riddick was successful at the box office, but the wave of popularity soon subsided, and Davalos did not add box office projects. She starred in The Surrender of Dorothy, and then joined the cast of Homecoming, which did not enjoy the love of viewers and quickly closed.

Playing Jasmine Fontaine in City of Gangsters, Davalos revealed her talent for photography to the world, as some of her work was used on the set. According to the celebrity, taking pictures is like an outlet for her, so she tries to spend her free time in the workshop.

No less striking was the appearance of the artist in the series “The Man in the High Castle”, whose actions take the audience to the alternative 1960s, dominated by Germany and Japan, who won the Second World War. Alexa starred as the Resistance member Jules, and was joined by Luke Kleintank and Rufus Sewell on the set .

The drama was popular with viewers and lasted 4 seasons, the last of which was released in 2019. In between work, the actress appeared in the action movie “The Punisher”, which also starred her husband Josh Stewart.

Alexa Davalos now

Now the celebrity remains active on the Web, maintains a page on Instagram , where he reports news and publishes photos. In September 2024, in honor of the National Public Lands Day celebration, the artist called on fans to help repair the damage that was caused to nature by fires in Southern California.

Interesting Facts

  • As a child, Alexa was engaged in swimming and dancing.
  • Thanks to an active lifestyle, a celebrity manages to maintain a slim figure and look good in a swimsuit. She weighs about 57 kg and is 173 cm tall.
  • The blood of representatives of the Spanish, Finnish and Jewish nationalities flows in the veins of the actress.
  • In his spare time, Davalos enjoys traveling and reading books.

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