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It is not uncommon for fans to expose idols to a variety of emotions. They can surround both with comprehensive love with care, and frighten with increased attention, or even misleading. The latter was experienced by an American actress of Japanese nationality Karen Fukuhara. At the end of summer 2024, the movie star, seeing the poster made by fans, decided that the producers had announced the film comic book ” Suicide Squad ” in the version directed by David Eyre.

Childhood and youth

On the 10th day of February 1992, in Los Angeles, the Fukuhara spouses, Japanese by nationality, had their first child, a girl named Karen. A little later, the family welcomed a son, who was later nicknamed the troublemaker. In close people, the actress does not like the soul, often posting their photos in a personal account on Instagram and accompanying the pictures with touching comments.

For example, on the occasion of Mother’s Day in 2018, a celebrity admitted that her mother, who can both irritate and make laugh, taught her the main thing. Namely, work hard and not take life too seriously, look ahead, and enjoy every day.

The artist is fluent in both English and Japanese, and she mastered the latter much earlier, attending special classes on Saturdays for 11 years.

In high school, the girl seriously took up martial arts and sword fighting, participated in various competitions, including the world championships. Before leaving for college, the teenager acquired brown Kyokushin-kan karate belts.

In parallel with her stay at UCLA, the student had a hand in numerous projects in Japan, worked as a reporter for the sports show World Sports on the NHK TV channel, and even in high school was related to Movie Surfers on Disney. In the future, translator, subtitle editor, and waitress in a reggae sushi restaurant were added to the list of professions.

At the university, the girl was listed as the soloist of the Medleys group, performing a cappella music. At one time, Kelly Mary Tran, who became famous for her role as Rose Tiko in the film ” Star Wars: The Last Jedi “, also stayed in this group. Karen graduated from the university in 2014 with a basic bachelor’s degree in sociology and an additional one in the field of theater arts.

Personal life

On December 29, 2019, a miniature (height 157 cm, weight 47 kg) Japanese beauty, having posted a romantic picture in her personal account on Instagram, made a confession regarding her personal life.

Karen told a large army of subscribers that for 2 years now her heart has been given to Keith Tio, a fashion photographer who collaborates with famous brands and often acts as a model. A little earlier in the same place, a woman congratulated her lover on Valentine’s Day, thanking him for warming her all winter. However, now the couple is doing well in the relationship.

In an interview with Vogue in 2016, Fukuhara did not deny that she loves to eat deliciously, especially highlighting rice dishes and pasta, and for the filming of Suicide Squad, she did not diet but leaned on quinoa, herbs, and chicken breast. Her favorite phrase: “Some say they eat to live, and I live to eat”). From cosmetic products, the celebrity prefers SK-II and Clarisonic.

In her free time, the artist visits the gym, where she is engaged in rowing, running, and lifting weights. This allows you to look stunning in national dresses, tight dresses or revealing swimsuits.


2016 turned out to be a landmark for the Japanese woman. This year, filming the superhero action movie with elements of the comedy “Suicide Squad”, where Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Jai Courtney played, kicked off her cinematic career.

The audition for the role of Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana took place in 2 stages. First, the applicant recorded her skills on video. And then she met with David Eyre live, at the meeting also demonstrating her martial arts, sword fighting, and acting skills.

After being approved, Fukuhara plunged into intensive training for a month and a half under the direction of the director’s old friend Richard Mesquita and Guy Norris with Richard Norton, who worked on stunt work in Mad Max: Fury Road. The actress recalled that in the future she did everything, except for one difficult jump, the execution of which was entrusted to the understudy.

After 12 months, the filmography was replenished with a 20-minute short film “The Lost”. From 2018 to this day, Karen has voiced Glimmer, the princess of the Kingdom of the Bright Moon in Shi-Re and the Invincible Princesses, as well as the trinity of fictional characters in the animated movie Craig of the Brook Kingdom.

In 2019, she starred in Lost, where she transformed into a teenager, Nori, whose mother died under strange circumstances. During the detective investigation, it turned out that the heroine is endowed with supernatural powers.

Then she was entrusted with the reincarnation of Kimiko – a dumb, wild member of the squad, possessing amazing abilities, in the TV series ” Boys “. Eric Kripke created this comedy-fantasy action movie based on the comic strip of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darik Robertson

Karen Fukuhara now

On September 4, 2024, the second season of the serial film “Boys” was released (it is known that there will be a third, the shooting of which is scheduled for 2024), where one of the main roles again went to Fukuhara.

In the same year, in her creative biography, there was a place for the animated series “Kipo and the era of wonderful animals”, where the actress gave her voice to the girl Kipo. The young heroine accidentally came to the surface of the post-apocalyptic world and is forced to look for a way home.


  • 2016 – “Suicide Squad”
  • 2019 – “Lost”
  • 2019-2020 – “Boys”

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