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Russian cinema knows many talented actresses, whom viewers hardly perceive without the usual red hair color. With Olga Kuzmina, often appearing on television and in the role of a funny employee mobile “Beeline”, the neighborhood Amalia Mordvinova, to create a center of spiritual revival of femininity “Path elevation.” The list is continued by Veronika Agapova, in addition to filming in films, she is also engaged in the development of her musical career.

Childhood and youth

The first day of July 1987 became happy for the native Muscovite Andrei Agapov – his beloved wife Marina gave him a daughter, Veronica.

Thanks to the information posted on her personal page in VKontakte , it is known that she has two sisters, Valeria Serova and Alexandra Polevaya. From an early age, the girl was distinguished by her bright artistic abilities and dreamed of connecting her life exclusively with the stage.

Therefore, leaving behind the Rosinka school and secondary educational institution No. 123, where the students were taught the basics of theatrical and vocal skills, the graduate easily entered the Shchukin School, finding herself on the course of the director Vladimir Ivanov. Nonna Grishaeva , Kirill Pirogov , Vladimir Epifantsev , Maria Aronova and others came out from under the wing of the Honored Artist and Artist of the Russian Federation .

Having played the graduation performances “Untilovsk”, “White Acacia” and “We Dance and Sing” and received a diploma of higher education, yesterday’s student ended up in the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire.

In the capital’s temple of Melpomene, under the leadership of Alexander Shirvindt , the actress played in “Twelfth Night”, “Wedding in Malinovka”, “Moliere (Cabal of the Saints)”, “Evening Departure of the Society of the Blind”, “Triumph at Triumph” and other productions.

Personal life

In mid-October 2010, the red-haired blue-eyed beauty (height 168 cm and weight 51 kg) was legally married to Evgeny Tolokonnikov. The chosen one was a longtime acquaintance at the Shchukin School and a colleague at the Theater of Satire. Together with her husband, the actress is now engaged in the performances “Ladies’ Happiness”, “Too Married Taxi Driver”, “The Roads That Choose Us” and “My Dear Ones”.

Agapova tries every year on the wedding day to post a holiday photo in her personal Instagram account and accompany the picture with nostalgic memories. So, in 2019, she told the users that a loss of a garter was suddenly discovered in the registry office and she and her husband managed to eat nothing then because of strong feelings and excitement.

On April 14, 2011, joyful changes took place in the couple’s personal life – a daughter was born, named with the unusual name Melissa. A passion for the stage was passed on to the girl from her parents, and from her mother – a love for performance.

The artist owns the piano and several types of dance, confidently stands on a snowboard, skiing, skating and riding a horse, fencing, driving a car and a motorcycle, and is passionate about football, basketball, athletics and yoga.

Music and films

In 2004, with an episode in the series “Code of Honor – 2”, the Muscovite started her cinematic career. Later, “Law and Order”, and “Who is the Boss in the House?”, And “Lawyers” were added to it.

Having flashed in “The Krapivins’ case” and “There is someone here”, she got the main role in the sketch show on “Ren-TV” “Soldiers. And the officers. ” Here, her colleagues on the set were

fter “Runaway Relatives”, a story about modern Romeo and Juliet , whose families found themselves on opposite sides of the barricades due to housing issues, Agapova was brought “Breakfast in Bed” and named “Golden”. In 2018, the celebrity diversified the filmography of SeneyFeda , a spin-off of the popular projects Kitchen and Hotel Eleon . In parallel with her main activity, the actress managed to express herself in the musical field. The singer recorded poignant lyrical hits (“You are the best”, “On the cloud”, “This is not a dream”) and participated in domestic (“Slavianski Bazaar”, Mikhail Tanich memorial nights “Do not forget”) and international shows. For example, at the “Benefit of Toto Cutugno in the Kremlin” she was lucky to perform the legendary song “If you weren’t there”, and later sing a duet with Jean Tatlian (“Lanterns”), Gianni Fiorellino (“Don’t pass”), Al Bano (“So it will “), Patricia Kaas (” Nothing lasts forever “).

Veronica Agapova now

Veronika Andreevna continues to act in films, play in performances, raise her daughter and tries to replenish her musical biography. In her native theater, in addition to the productions where she goes on stage with her husband, she shines in The Night of Mistakes and The Little Boy and Karlson Who Lives on the Roof.

In the spring of 2024, the Constantine Music Club YouTube channel was replenished with videos containing Agapova’s singles “Bitter”, “The Sun”, “Wedding Doves” and others, and a two-hour video with her “Beautiful Love Songs”.

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