Should You Learn To Drive In A Manual Or An Automatic Car – 2024 Guide

Getting your driving license can be more or less difficult process depending on the country you are from and how complex is the procedure. For example, it is much easier in the US, where you can simply ask some experienced driver to teach you how to drive, and then apply for the test.

On the other side, things are much more complicated in Europe, where you will have to attend a course that will last for around six months. During this course, you will first focus on the theory, rules in the traffic, and first aid, and after you pass this test, you can start with driving classes.

If you are planning to start with this process, the selection of the school can also be very important. The key is to find a well-known school with experts who know the right approach in helping people to learn their first driving steps. If you are looking for a good driving school in Denmark, check here.

Moreover, we have to mention the long-lasting debate related to the selection of transmission, and whether it is better to choose a clutch or auto shifter. We are going to discuss more this topic in the following article.

What is the Difference?


It is simple to understand the difference between these two options. When it comes to auto transmission, all you need to do is to put your car in the driving mode and press the pedal. You will control the speed by the amount of pressure on the pedal. Also, there are only two pedals available, for controlling the speed and braking. On the other side, using the stick is more complex, and you will need to use the clutch for changing the speeds.

Which Option is Better?

That depends on many factors. If you are looking for a more convenient solution where you can easily control your car and drive with more confidence even if you are not so experienced, choosing a car without a clutch is the best choice. As we already mentioned, all you have to do is to put your car in the driving mode and press the pedal. It is much easier to control the vehicle, especially in crowded streets and traffic jams. There is no need to control the gears all the time and you will enjoy more while driving.

On the other hand, there are some benefits of changing the gears on your own as well. First of all, these cars are spending significantly less fuel. That was especially the case with older models. Even though modern vehicles now have seven or more gears, the fuel economy is still much better with the stick transmission. Another benefit is related to performances. The whole point of the clutch is to get the most out of your engine.

Therefore, if you are testing your car and want to try the best acceleration and drive at a higher speed, the clutch will help you to use the most power. On the other hand, controlling the engine and changing gears at around 2,000 rpm is the best way to minimize gas consumption. Also, this option is much cheaper for maintenance.

How To Make the Right Choice?


There are various factors to consider when you are choosing between these two options. First of all, if you are from the US, most of the cars there are without a clutch. Therefore, there is no need to struggle by learning to drive with a clutch since chances are much better that you will get an automatic. Also, you can try the manual at some point when you gain more experience. Learning to drive an automatic is much easier, and you can focus on laws and road rules instead of struggling with the clutch.

On the other side, most cars in Europe are with sticks, and if your first car is not that one, it can be a problem. If you get used to this mode, and then you decide to buy a model with a clutch, the experience will be completely different, and it might be difficult for you to drive. Changing to the manual is much more difficult. On the other side, people who have more experience in driving with a stick will find it much easier to drive when you can simply choose a driving mode.

Another important thing to know is related to your driving license. In many countries, there is a regulation where people who learn to drive an automatic are not allowed to simply switch to another option. On the other hand, getting a license on a manual car allows you to drive both. Therefore, if you think that you might be interested to get a manual at some point, learning to drive this vehicle should be your choice.

Also, it is a much better option to choose a manual for your driving classes. It will be more challenging and will require more time, but you will learn more about the technical aspects and have the ability to choose from more models.

However, the modern trend for popular car companies is to introduce more automatic vehicles. In that matter, you won’t make a mistake if you focus only on these types of cars. Still, keep in mind that if you decide to get a manual at any point in your life, it might represent an issue.


Last Words

The best way to decide between these two options is to check the common practices in your country. If most of the cars there are manual, you should choose this type as well. On the other hand, even if most people prefer automatic, learning to drive with a manual shifter will bring you some benefits since you will have more freedom in choosing your first car. Also, you might decide to get one later.

The benefit of automatic is that it will be much easier to drive. You can focus on the road more and not think about shifting the gears. Still, it is proven that drivers experienced in using the clutch are much better on the road.

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