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Jaikishan Kakubhai Shroff, known as Jackie Shroff, became the hero of many Indian films. He began his career in 1973, and today the actor’s filmography includes hundreds of works, and therefore he is very popular in India. The man became famous thanks to his natural talent for transforming into characters, incredible charisma and attractive appearance.

Childhood and youth

The biography of the future artist began in February 1957, he was born in the city of Udgir, Maharashtra state, India. His father Kakubhai Haribhai Shroff is an astrologer and belongs to the Gujarat peoples of India.

He was brought up in a family of merchants who went bankrupt, at the age of 17 he left his parents and earned money with astrology. Amrita Shroff’s mother is an ethnic Uighur, the boy’s grandmother fled with her daughters from Uzbekistan after the coup at the beginning of the 20th century and settled in Ladakh as a refugee, then they moved to Delhi, and then to Bombay. In addition to Jackie, his older brother was brought up in the family, who died at the age of 17.

After graduating from school, Shroff did not have the opportunity to go to college due to lack of money, and therefore got a job at a local travel agency. The boy himself dreamed of becoming a chef; from childhood he managed to cook complex dishes. But since he had no education in this area, the young man was not taken to work in the restaurant kitchen. For the same reason, the guy did not become a flight attendant in the airline.

However, not everything was so bad in Jackie’s youth. Once a young man was waiting at a bus stop and attracted the attention of an advertising agency employee, who advised him to try himself as a model. The very next day, Shroff came to the agency’s office, where he conducted the first test photo session. Having no knowledge in this area, the guy showed himself from the best side and got his first well-paid job.


Regularly appearing in commercials, Shroff was noticed by directors, who gradually began to invite him to shoot. In 1982, Jackie made his debut in the film “Imaginary Saint” Deva Ananda, where he got the role of the successor of the main villain. For the first job, the guy did well and soon received invitations for cooperation from other projects.

In 1983 he appeared in the melodrama “Hero”, where the actress Meenakshi Sheshadri made her debut, and Sanjiv Kumar, Amrish Puri, and Shammi Kapoor also starred. This film received great success at the box office of Indian cinema, which marked the beginning of Jackie’s long-term collaboration with director Subhash Ghai.

Shroff’s talent was also noticed by other producers, and therefore in 1985, the actor appeared in 4 films at once – “The World of Crime”, “Your Friend”, “Justice of Shiva”, “My Soul”, and in 1986 he appeared in 5 films. By the mid-1980s, the artist was recognized as the most successful among his contemporaries, since all the films in which he appeared were successful. He often performed leading characters along with Anil Kapoor, who is equally popular in India.

Critics call Shroff’s notable work shooting in the family drama If Only … directed by Mahesh Bhatt. His partner on the set was Dimple Kapadia, the girl who appeared in the tape in the form of his wife. And Jackie himself reincarnated as a national star who, in the wake of incredible success, suffers and failures.

A man cannot cope with the loss of wealth and becomes an alcoholic; problems also arise in family life. But tragedy – the death of his only son – brings husband and wife closer. Although this work did not bring much revenue at the box office, after that Shroff was invited to the films Three Angry Men, Border, Runaway and others, which were ultimately a great success.

In the 1996 film “Love Triangle”, along with Jackie, the main female roles were played by Juhi Chawla and Amrita Singh. Until the end of the 1990s, the artist got the main roles, but after that, he began to appear on screens in the images of minor characters.

In 2002 he played in the film Father, in 2004 he appeared as Balram in the film Trouble, and in 2005 he appeared on the screens as Dr. Sunil in the melodrama A Sad Story directed by Priyadarshan. The plot is based on the story “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Ken Kesey, some of the scenes were filmed in Romania.

In 2007, Jackie worked on the set of the action movie “Eclavia – Princely Fear”. Then Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan, and Sanjay Dutt worked on the same site with him, the man starred in 11 more films with the latter.

In 2013, in the film “Shooting in Vadal”, Jackie gets the role of a police commissioner, and then he starred in “Bikers-3”, which was recognized as the highest-grossing tape at the end of the year. In 2014, Shroff was offered a role in the musical “Happy New Year” with Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan in the lead roles.

Personal life

Despite being busy in the cinema, the actor’s personal life has developed successfully. In the mid-1980s, he married Aisha Dutt, with this girl he had known from a young age, without suggesting that later a close friend would become his wife.

Then she worked as a model, periodically starred in films, but she did not achieve success in cinema and after the wedding she mastered the profession of a producer. The wife gave the artist two children – daughter Aisha and son Tiger. The young man followed in his father’s footsteps and also became an actor.

Fans follow the life of a star of Indian cinema on Instagram. There, a man publishes photos from public meetings, as well as announcements of films in which he plays. Often, subscribers note the good figure of the actor, with a height of 182 cm (weight unknown) he looks fit and athletic.

Jackie Shroff now

Shroff continues to act in films now, in 2019 with his participation 5 films have already appeared on the screens, 2 of which are TV series.

In February, the adventure comedy “Total Fun” appeared in the box office, and in early April – the thriller “Romeo. Akbar. Walter”. Along with Mooney Roy and John Abraham, Jackie played the main role. Also, several more projects with him are planned for the year.

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