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Drashti Dhami is the star of 21st century Bollywood dramas. Delhi and British publications have repeatedly included the Indian model and actress among the “most spectacular sex bombs” in Asia. However, the artist prefers to be called cute, not sexy and avoids explicit sex scenes in films.

Childhood and youth

The actress was born on January 10, 1985 in a Gujarat family. Now the Indian ethnos, which gave the world Mahatma Gandhi , has 60 million people. 10 years after the birth of Drashti, her hometown was renamed from Bombay to Mumbai.

After graduating from the high school of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the girl studied to be a sociologist at Mithabai College. To realize his dream and build a career in the dance of Bharatanatyam, Drashti had to enlist the consent of 10 family members. The cousin provided moral support to the novice dancer. It is curious that the future daughter-in-law of Drashti, the actress Suhashi Dhami, was also engaged in Bharatanatyam in her youth.

Before her artistic biography, the girl starred in music videos and commercials. Products promoted through the Dhami included toothpaste, cars, jewelry, and cell phone services.

Personal life

In February 2015, the actress, who is 165 cm tall, married the businessman Niraj Khemka. The couple, who met before the wedding for 6 years, lives in the same house with Drashti’s parents and the family of her older brother, the programmer Jaishil. Photos with her daughter-in-law and nephew often appear on the star’s Instagram page .


At 22, Drashti made her debut as an actress in the soap opera Meeting Hearts, the Indian counterpart to the American Grey’s Anatomy. Like their overseas counterparts, the series’ intern characters combine patient rescue with a busy personal life. The role of Dr.Chadda Muscan was small, but the audience remembered Dhami’s performance.

In the spring of 2010, Indians saw their beloved actress in the TV series “A Song Not Known to Anybody.” The heroine of Drashti is an 18-year-old girl named Git, whose husband, after the wedding, fled with her dowry to Canada. Barely deceived, the bride thaws with her heart with Maan, in the role of which Gurmit Chaudhary starred , as the insidious husband returns. In the best traditions of Indian cinema, the men significant to the Gita are brothers to each other. The duet of Drashti and Gourmet in 2011 received the Best Star Couple award.

No less titled partner Vivian Dsena went to Dhami in the series Madhubala – One Love, One Passion, which was released to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Indian cinema. The main character of the soap opera Madhu is Drashti’s colleague. The girl was born on the set of another blockbuster. To become a movie star, Madhu has to learn to intrigue and flirt with directors. However, this contradicts the girl’s innate decency.

In the serial melodrama One King and One Queen, Drashti played a simple girl Gayatri, whom the widowed monarch married for her father’s money. In the TV series “My Heart in a Foreign Land”, filmed by Indian television crews in the Austrian capital, the actress reincarnated as Naina, spending her life at the bedside of an ailing mother. In The History of Our Relationship, the heroine of Dhami is Nadnini, a medical woman who is abused by her abuser husband.

Drasti Dhami now

In 2019, Drashti guest starred on the Gathbandhan series. The romantic drama is about the love of the antipodes – the girl Dhanak Pareh and the boy Radhu Jadhava. Dhami fans hope that the actress will replenish the filmography with new roles in 2024.

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