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American Natalia Dyer is known not only as a promising actress in the series Stranger Things

A girl with an attractive appearance also appeared in advertising for Prada, or rather, in a whole mini-film called “Dreams of a Postman” by a well-known fashion house. But even without that, the artist’s filmography is increasing every year, replenishing with new short films and full-length tapes.

Childhood and youth

Natalia’s biography began in the winter of 1995 in the city of Nashville, in the southern United States. Some time after the birth, the girl with her parents moved to New York, where she spent most of her teenage years. As a child, she suffered from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, the mother and father found out about this in time and sent their daughter to a specialized school. There, teachers tried to look for an approach to everyone, even the most difficult child, focusing on his inclinations and interests.

There, little Dyer began to take an interest in theatrical art, she even enrolled in a local drama club. The teachers saw the student’s efforts and desire, and therefore gave her the opportunity to show herself on stage as often as possible. And already in high school, Natalia finally realized that she wanted to engage in stage activities professionally, and entered the Faculty of Arts at New York University.


The first film in which Dyer appeared was the film ” Hannah Montana: The Movie ” in 2009. She got the role of Clarissa Granger. At that time the girl was 14 years old, but she successfully coped with the task, which gave a good start to continue her career.

The following year, she appeared only in a short film, and in 2011 she again starred in the full-length film “Youth of Whitney Brown,” this time with director Peter Skillman. This is a family adventure film about a girl who, at the age of 10, has an extremely spoiled character.

Together with her parents, she moves from Philadelphia to another state and there she makes friends with an amazing horse, on which she decides to return to her former place of residence. But in the end she discovers that the real home is where her family lives. Natalia got the episodic role of the capricious girl Lily.

Dyer got the same small character in the drama “Sad as Jazz” in 2012, and in 2013 she starred in the horror film “The Healer”. 2014 turned out to be more productive for the girl, at that time she appeared in two tapes at once, however, one of them was a short film

But in the second full-length film Lea Meyerhoff “I Believe in Unicorns” she was offered the main role of Davina, who has a highly developed imagination, she often escapes from problems into a colorful fantasy world. But the heroine had to grow up quickly because her disabled mother needed care.

Then in 2015, Dyer starred in Chadd Harbold’s film Long Night, Short Morning, and in 2016 – in the TV series Stranger Things. The tape takes viewers to the 1980s in a quiet provincial town. The mysterious disappearance of a teenager named Will disrupts local life

The sheriff and the boy’s family are determined to find out the circumstances of his disappearance. And along with them, his best friend Mike begins his own investigation, who is sure that he is close to a solution. Now he has to find himself in the epicenter of a fierce battle of otherworldly forces.

Natalia in this film got the secondary character Nancy Wheeler, Mike’s older sister, together with her boyfriend she becomes an unwitting witness to the murder of her friend Barbara, and this happens under paranormal circumstances.

In order to fit into the role as best as possible, the girl conducted her own research before filming. She knew about the 1980s only from the stories of her parents. To understand the atmosphere of the past, I revised my mother’s photo albums, listened to the music of old bands, watched the horrors that were popular in those years. The rest of the cast tried no less than Natalia, and their work was rewarded with many awards, including the Golden Globe.

Personal life

The personal life of the young artist is under the scrutiny of her fans and paparazzi. After the release of the 1st season of Stranger Things, rumors began to appear about the girl’s romance with colleagues on the set. She was credited with a relationship with Joe Keery, which she did not deny or confirm. And then rumors spread about her relationship with Charlie Heaton

After a joint picture of a couple from a vacation in Spain appeared on the Web, and it became known that young people have been dating since January 2016. What is happening between the actors now remains a mystery. There are no photos of them together on Dyer’s Instagram, but Heaton has such a picture in his profile. The photo was posted by her boyfriend in 2018.

Fans of TV shows often discuss on the Internet the figure of the actress, or rather, her thinness. Indeed, in the pictures she looks miniature, with a height of 163 cm, the girl’s weight is only 48 kg. In order not to cause unnecessary gossip, Natalia does not post photos in a swimsuit on social networks. There are no pictures of her without makeup, but there are those on which there is very little of it, and you can consider the natural beauty of the actress.

Natalia Dyer now

Dyer still appears regularly on TV screens. At the beginning of July 2019, the girl appeared in the 3rd season of the Stranger Things series, which Netfix had planned to shoot back in December 2017. At the same time it was reported that a total of 4 or 5 seasons will be released.

In the new episodes, viewers saw how the Soviet military tried to open a portal to a parallel dimension, but it ended in failure. Then the action is postponed a year ahead, and the former heroes again appear in sight, in the course of the plot the events of their lives are intertwined with the previously described military men.

In the same year, Dyer appeared in Dan Gilroy’s The Velvet Chainsaw.

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