Decluttering Your Attic 101: Here’s How to Do it Like a Pro

Cleaning and organizing your attic isn’t the most fun job, but it is necessary. Are you also among those who always avoid attic cleaning and end up having more clutter with time? If the answer is yes, this article is for you! So choose a free day, set the reminder, and brace yourself for the big task! Read the below-mentioned attic cleaning tips to ensure a hassle-free decluttering of your attic.

Getting Started with Attic Cleaning


1. Planning and Decluttering

It might have been a long time since you last considered cleaning your attic. And now that you have made up your mind, the first step is planning. You must evaluate the condition of your attic first. Go inside and check the stuff placed inside it. Then, prepare two lists – what to use and what to throw. You can also choose to keep the stuff you donate to the needy, family, NGO, or relatives.

For unwanted items, there can be several ways to dispose of them. One of the most time-saving ones is calling up a junk removal company. They can get the job done in a jiffy, sometimes before you finish your coffee (okay, we’re kidding, but you get the idea!)

Moreover, get yourself a new box to keep your stuff organized. Prefer reusable plastic containers to store things as it reduces the chances of moisture and mold. This way, you can manage your stuff in an orderly manner for a long time.

2. Try to Think From Your Brain, Not Heart


During decluttering your attic, you may have to make a few emotional decisions. Honestly, we leave this part up to you. There can be some abstract photos that carry special memories, and you don’t want to sell them even if they have a good resale value. In that case, it is your personal decision to keep it or let it go. In other cases, if the stuff isn’t downright special, try keeping the emotional side at bay and prioritize decluttering your attic. Moreover, it is better to remove the things that may not be needed anymore and create more room for new memories/ stuff.

Another smart thing you can do is click pictures of old items, like your grandmother’s cradle or granddaughter’s walker, to keep fresh memories of such things and get rid of the actual photo (again, it depends on your preference.) Trust us; you will be amazed to see how much space your attic can have once you are done with the organization.

3. Only Sorting the Attic Junk Isn’t Going to Help

Only cleaning the attic is half the job done. The real task ends when you organize the scattered items. Moreover, organizing the stuff after decluttering will take less time to find the important items you have decided not to throw away. Note that the attic organization depends upon the size and shape of the attic. Smaller attics will need lesser planning and vice versa. Don’t forget to click here for dumpster rentals if you don’t own a vehicle to clear out the junk you are throwing away.

Also, it would be best if you specify dedicated areas for particular stuff such as clothes, electronics, devices, sports equipment, etc. You already committed a mistake in the past, leaving stuff casually in your attic. Use this decluttering session to do something new – storing stuff in their dedicated areas!

Tips To Remember While Decluttering Your Attic


If you are dealing with your attic for the first time, there are certain things you should know before putting your foot in the war zone.

1. Attics Can Be Cleaned Quickly

Clearing out your attic may seem like a difficult task to do, but it is not as difficult as you think. The best way to accelerate the cleaning process would be to label your stuff and differentiate between useful/ unwanted stuff. Moreover, keep cleaning the areas nearby you as you sweep your way inside the attic – cleaning on the go will take less time than sitting and thinking about doing it.

2. Watch Out For the Tiny Corners


The next step is inspection, in which you need to inspect the important areas like walls and doors for leakages and similar issues. A well-insulated attic would mean fewer repair issues, translating to a lesser burden on your pocket.

3. You Need to be Good at Sorting Stuff

The sole reason for cleaning and organizing your attic is to clear its clutter. During the process, you might be tempted to keep a lot of things, so you need to be clear from the start as to what items you’d keep and which ones to throw. It is important to remember that organizing one place at a time will help you focus on that aspect better. This will also help in avoiding confusion.

4. You Need to be Smart With Storage


If your attic is small, you may have two ways for better organization. Either you throw everything in the attic and never use it, which is the least admirable way. Or you may organize every inch of the attic for the best storage purposes. We bet you chose the second one!

You can also invest in a shelving system and some robust plastic boxes that can easily fit into your shelves and store a good amount of your stuff. Wherever you do, just be creative with effective planning for stuff storage.

Moreover, if you feel like giving up while cleaning and decluttering the attic, think about how beautiful it can become once the work is completed. You can welcome many more valuable items and create new memories with them.

5. Expect Hard Work

Here is the thing – you know cleaning the attic is going to take some effort. Let us go a word ahead and tell you; it might require more hard work than you’d expect! So please do not go in there thinking you’ll get it done in a jiffy. Things can take time when cleaning the attic. The more mentally prepared you are, the more determined you will be, and the quicker you wrap up the process!

Summing Up

Junk removal is an essential step in cleaning and organizing any house area, including the attic. The attic cleaning and organization tips mentioned in this article will help you greatly in organizing it like a pro, irrespective of whether you are doing it for the first time or not. If you still think it’s not your cup of tea, a professional junk removal company like AAA Rousse can get the job done for you.

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