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German actress Antje Traue has an extensive filmography. With her shooting experience in her native Germany, the woman gradually entered the world film market and began to appear in the box office Hollywood tapes, taking her career to a new level. Now she starred in films and TV shows, receiving major and minor roles in them.

Childhood and youth

Antje was born on January 18, 1981, in the Saxon Mietweida, located in East Germany. As a child, the actress moved a lot, changing cities and schools. Her early years were spent in the town of Gent, where she and her mother arrived at the age of 2 and lived until the age of nine until the family moved to Berlin. The next place of residence was Munich, where Traue settled in 1995.

Here the girl lived with her mother and younger sister. The mother tried to protect the girls from the negative influence of popular culture because they did not watch TV. Antje began to practice ballet and gymnastics, attending workouts 3 times a week, and on weekends participating in competitions. The plastic gifted girl was noticed by the scouts of the International Munich Art Laboratory, where she began to study at the age of 16. The acting skills acquired during participation in school performances were useful.

Soon, Traue got the role of Vivien in the hip-hop musical West End Opera, with which she traveled around Europe and even visited the United States for 4 years. Due to the busy touring schedule, the young German woman had to leave school, and she received a high school diploma only at the age of 25. In 2002, the girl moved to live in Berlin, where she received her acting education and her first film roles. At this time, her mother died, whose loss Antje was very upset.

Personal life

Fans will learn about the actress’s personal life from Instagram, which is regularly updated with fresh photos. There appear selfies, shots in the company of colleagues and relatives, and pictures in a swimsuit, showing a slender, athletic figure of a woman, whose weight is 56 kg with a height of 169 cm.


The acting biography of a German woman began not easy. She was denied the lead roles due to lack of fame, and for minor roles was considered too bright. Nevertheless, in 2000 she got her first job in the television movie Verlorene Kinder, and for 10 years Traue appeared periodically in German cinema.

In 2009, Antje got her first international experience, playing Nadia in the German-British science fiction thriller Pandorum, where famous guys like Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid became partners on the set .

Despite the fact that the role was the main one and the girl looked bright and convincing in the film, offers to shoot were rare. Having starred in the films “5 Days in August” and “The Last Testament of Nobel”, Traue generally thought to leave the cinema and go into medicine. In an interview, she admitted that at that time she worked part-time in restaurants and call centers to pay apartment bills. However, in 2013, a German woman pulled out a lucky ticket: she was invited to play the role of Faora Hu-Ul in the film Man of Steel.

In the film dedicated to Superman , played by Henry Cavill , Antje embodied the supervillain, the companion of Zod – the Kryptonian nemesis of Clark Kent. The character possessed superhuman strength, speed and endurance, allowing him to bend steel, overcome tall buildings in one jump and outrun a flying bullet.

Before filming in “Man of Steel” Antje spent 4 months on a diet and trained intensively, practicing fighting tricks. Gymnastic experience gained in childhood made it easier to acquire new skills.

This work glorified the charismatic and effective actress, allowing her to try herself in new genres. In her filmography appeared the films “The Seventh Son”, “The Woman in Gold”, “Berlin Residency”.

In 2016, Traue starred in the British-Canadian detective melodrama Despite the Falling Snow, where Rebecca Ferguson became a partner on the set . Filming in Hollywood made Antje even more in demand at home. For her roles in the series “The Valley” and “Berlin Residence”, the woman was nominated for the German Television Awards.

Antje Traue now

The actress continues to replenish the filmography, acting in new projects. In 2024, the TV movie Das Haus with Antje was in production.

The German woman is also involved in the sequel to the fantasy series Dark, which has been broadcast on Netflix since 2017. In the dramatic story about time corridors, Traue plays the heroine Agnes Nielsen.

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