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Alisha Boe is young enough, but has already managed to play in a large number of films and TV series. The performer received the greatest popularity for her role as Jessica Davis in the TV series 13 Reasons Why . The audience appreciated the talented acting of the actress, her skill and naturalness on the screen.

Childhood and youth

The full name of the artist is Alisha Ilkhan Bo. The girl was born on March 6, 1997 in Oslo. In the child, the roots of a Somali father and a Norwegian mother are mixed, thanks to which the performer has a bright exotic appearance. When Alisha was 7 years old, the girl and her mother moved to Los Angeles.

She received her education at the school. J. Hale. The next educational institution in Boe’s biography was the El Camino Real school, where, in addition to basic lessons, classes in drama were also held. The girl felt an interest in the theatrical stage and felt confident in front of the audience.

Personal life

The actress does not disclose to the press the secrets of her personal life. In 2017, when the first season of 13 Reasons Why was released, viewers decided that an affair began between Brandon Flynn and Alicia. The actors on the screen really convincingly demonstrated the couple in love, and also appeared together at the presentations of the series. However, the fans’ assumptions were not confirmed. Whether Boe is now in a relationship, whether the girl has a boyfriend, is unknown.


In 2008, the thrilling horror film Entertainment, directed by John Simpson, was released. According to the plot of the picture, three school friends – Lisa, Tabitha and Shelby – are held hostage by a maniac classmate who decided to take revenge on the girls for their school grievances. Alisha embodied in the film the image of Lisa as a child. The play of the young performer was noticed, and a year later Boe received an offer to star in the film “He is in my mind.

In this melodrama with elements of comedy, the girl played the role of Latchi. In 2012, the young actress had a role in another horror film “Paranormal Activity – 4”. Despite the fact that the work was episodic, Alisha managed to convey the character traits of the heroine Tara.

In subsequent years, the girl continued to appear in serials of various genres – comedies, dramas, detective stories. World popularity came in 2017, when the actress’s filmography was replenished with three projects at once – two feature films and one TV series.

Alisha played one of the main roles in the film “Kill for 68”. Here the girl embodied on the screen the young Violet, who, by the will of fate, became a hostage of a rich man. Random events that invade the heroine’s life allow her to get rid of some suffering, but then a series of more terrible adventures begins. In the film, Boe had to play in explicit scenes.

Height 163 cm, weight 52 kg, rounded shape and sensual beauty allowed the girl to look seductive and unforgettable on the screen. Alisha later starred in the horror film Gate of Darkness directed by Don E. Fontleroy. Here, the artist appeared before the audience in the form of Alexa O’Connor.

The performer in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” was expected to be a real success. In the center of the plot is the suicide of a young schoolgirl, Hannah Baker. The late Clay Jensen’s friend receives a box of audio cassettes. In these notes, Hannah talks about 13 reasons that prompted her to commit suicide. It turns out that several classmates are guilty of them.

Boe played the role of Jessica Davis in the series. Such popular young actors as Brandon Flynn (who embodied the image of Justin Foley, Jessica’s boyfriend), Myles Heizer , Justin Prentice and others were on the same stage with the artist . The public liked the project and lasted for several seasons.

In addition, the girl tries herself in the filming of video clips. So, Alisha starred in Shawn Mendes ‘ video for the song Lost In Japan. The video is based on the motives of Sofia Coppola ‘s film “Lost in Translation”. Here Mendes himself portrays the hero of Bill Murray, and Boe appears as Charlotte in a pink wig. On Instagram , the actress posted a photo in which she was captured with Mendes in these images.

Alisha Boe now

In 2019, the performer continues to act in films. So, in the spring the film “Pomposhki” was released, in which Alisha played along with Diane Keaton, Jackie Weaver, and other actors. On Instagram, Boe shares photos and videos from filming with fans, as well as pictures with friends. In some photos, the girl can be seen in a swimsuit – the artist has not recovered during her film career, she is in excellent shape.

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