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Bollywood is a place where dreams come true. The path to the heights of success of Rani Mukherjee can hardly be called a thorny one. The girl managed to achieve popularity when she was able to find the key to the heart of every viewer. Films with Mukherjee do not leave anyone indifferent: Rani is equally successful in the role of a sexual seducer and a blind, but life-loving girl.

Childhood and youth

Rani Mukherjee was born in 1978 in Calcutta to a family where the film industry was familiar to most of the family: Ram’s father worked as a director, Krishna’s mother recorded soundtracks, Raj’s brother became a producer, and her aunt and cousin starred in films. The girl’s name is translated from Hindi as “queen”.

Since childhood, Rani also dreamed of being on the set. Already at the age of 14, being a schoolgirl, the girl tries herself as an actress in a small role in the film Biyar Phool, which was released in 1992. After Rani, other directors began to receive proposals, but her parents decided that serious work in the cinema would interfere with her studies. For the next five years, Rani was engaged exclusively in college, which was paid for by wealthy parents.

Body Measurements

1: Her Height 5 ft 3 in approx.
2: 160 cm tall.
3: Weight 58 Kg approx, 127 pounds.
4: Body Measurements 36-30-35 Inches.
5: Her Hair Color Black.

Net Worth

She made her 12 million dollar fortune with Kal Ho Naa Ho.


Father- Late Ram Mukherjee (Film director)
Mother- Krishna Mukherjee (playback singer)
Sister- N/A
Brother- Raja Mukherjee (elder) (producer and director)


The actress truly returns to the set at 19 – she is offered a role in the movie “The Wedding Procession”. The film failed at the box office, recouping only the cost of filming. Failure did not become a reason for despair, and next year three films were released at once, two of which became hits: “Unruly Fate” and “Everything Happens in Life.” Rani’s popularity skyrocketed instantly, parents were proud of their daughter’s success.

In 2000, the star got a taste and managed to star in seven films in a year: this was the most fruitful year in Rani’s career. The tapes did not become box-office, but the girl did not stop acting, despite the statements of critics about the weakness of talent. The number of fans of the actress has increased after the success of the films “Anatomy of Love” and “Roads of Love”.

Shooting in the latter became a landmark moment in Mukherjee’s career: on the set, the actress met Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan . The king of the Indian film industry is fundamentally changing the worldview and self-esteem of the actress, Rani has become confident in herself and talent. Since 2004, Mukherjee has been talked about as a successful and in-demand specialist.

In 2007, the film “Oh God!” Was released: critics immediately said that the film could be liked only because Rani was playing the main role. The film turned out to be extraordinary, the main character is pure, “silly”, completely in love with Indian films. And, of course, a sea of ​​energetic traditional dances.

The girl has repeatedly won Indian film festivals, as well as international ceremonies. Rani is the winner of a record 7 Filmfare Awards. In the rating of the magazine of the same name, Mukherjee was twice among the ten best actors in India.

Personal life

At the beginning of her creative biography, Rani Mukherjee on the set met the already popular actor Govinda Arun Akhuja . The man was 15 years older than his beloved, moreover, he was officially married. The couple failed to build a serious relationship, and the young people broke up.

The second romance of the actress also began on the set, this time the actor Abhishek Bachchan became the chosen one . The couple was considered one of the most beautiful in Bollywood, Indian fans were eagerly waiting for the lovers to announce their engagement. However, Rani and Abhishek broke up after several years of relationship. According to rumors, the parents of the young man opposed the wedding, and Abhishek did not go against the opinion of the family.

In 1998, Rani met her future husband, director Aditya Chopra. The relationship between them began much later, after 13 years. In 2014 they got married: the wedding took place in Italy, but in Bengali style. The bride wore the national leheng choli outfit. The young people invited only relatives and friends to the ceremony, a total of 15 people were present.

On the eve of the holiday, the bride’s father had a heart attack, but they managed to install a pacemaker. Rani offered to postpone the wedding, but the bride’s dad held out and performed the traditional wedding rituals. Chopra prefers to hide her personal life; after the wedding, Rani, who was previously open for communication, took the same position.

In rare interviews with reporters, Rani says that she is unconditionally happily married. By nature, both spouses are leaders, but they have learned to live in love and respect. The celebrity couple practically does not appear at parties, preferring to spend their free time from the film industry at home, with their family. In 2015, a daughter, Adira, appeared in the family.

Rani Mukherjee now

Since the birth of her daughter, Rani has done little in films, enjoying motherhood. During pregnancy, the girl gained extra pounds, which she successfully got rid of. The first year after the birth of Adira, the parents devoted maximum time to the girl.

The actress took a break from work, but returned to filming: in 2018, the comedy “Hiccup” was released. The heroine Rani suffers from a rare disease, which manifests itself in involuntary hiccups. Despite the difficult life situation and health, the girl is fighting for happiness.

The star’s fan pages on Instagram are full of personal photos – both new and past years. Rani protects her daughter’s pictures from prying eyes. In an interview with Indian media, Rani admitted that with the birth of Adira, she became more patient and kinder, learned to forgive. The young mother considers discipline, mental and artistic development to be the main thing in raising her daughter.

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