Do Skins Make you Better In CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or short CS: GO is perhaps one of the most popular shooting games ever. It is a tactical shooter game where the gamer plays in the first person. This game originated in Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive appeared on the market in August 2012 as the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. Players were delighted with the versions for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Later, the Linux version was released. If you want to know more about CS: GO visit this website.

CS: GO offers well-known maps of this series, but also brand new ones. There are also new ranks and mods. However, as much as the media and critics praised this game, the players had objections to this version. Most of the debate has been about the use of skins in CS: GO. While some believe that the use of skins cannot and generally does not affect the quality and manner of playing this game, others are supporters of collecting skin drops and setting it as one of the primary goals during the game.

For us, this discussion among the players was quite inspiring, so we asked ourselves do skins make you better in CS: GO? Through the following text, we will try to come up with a comprehensive solution and finally solve the mystery.

What is CS: GO skins anyway?


Simply put, these are cosmetic preparations, ie items that serve primarily to change the appearance of the equipment that the player uses in CS: GO. When we say equipment, we primarily mean weapons, knives, and even gloves, holsters, and stuff like that. Using the gamers language: skins are holsters, ie “skins” for weapons used in CS: GO. They need to be collected and unlocked, and there are a lot of different ones in this series. Although skins change the look and shape, give uniqueness and visual appeal to weapons, they do not affect the mechanics of the game itself. Also, they are safe for your weapon, so you don’t have to be afraid that it will damage you. However, skins are used exclusively for aesthetic purposes.

If it’s like that, how do some players claim that they improve the quality of the game? The answer lies in psychology. When you have good skins you will feel much more stable and may be more concentrated. Very often players state that with good skins they feel much more “cool”, while the use of very rare skins in them causes a feeling of great self-confidence that in some way makes them even better during the game. This situation forces them to get as deep into the game as possible, defending themselves and their rare skins much stronger, and giving a sense of superiority when it comes to opponents. However, on the other hand, there are those players who much prefer wear and tear equipment and skins.

They state that they remind them of a real fight and so they always carry with them the whole memories of the whole trip to the CS: GO. So, we go back to the very beginning of the story about whether skins can really improve the quality of the game in CS: GO. Whether it will help or not even depends on the type of player you belong to. The question is how much importance you give to aesthetics in general. However, otherwise don’t be sure that you are the traditional type of player until you try out some good skins.

How to get skins in CS: GO?

With the classic CS: GO gameplay, you can hardly win some super scary skins. If you are chasing them, you have to be very patient. Skin drops are waiting for you on the official servers at the end of the match. If we compare that with the possibility of getting some other things, such as boxes, graffiti and similar, then it is clear to you that skin drips are very rare. Don’t be disappointed when at the end of the match you get the long-desired skin drops, and in fact, you get skin that looks cheap and even very often you get the skin for weapons that players rarely use. These are most often shotguns. While playing CS: GO, players use AK47 or M4 most of the time, and getting skin is a real lottery for them.

Good skins are very rare, but the tone means that you have to give them up and that it is impossible to get them. It very often happens that a player rarely sells or buys skin on the community market. The community market is an ideal opportunity to get good skins, as they are difficult to get during the game. Many players have elaborate tactics for things like this. Most often, they continue to play without getting the realized, usually cheap drop skins. After collecting a certain price of cheap skins, on the social market, with even more money collected, you can exchange the collected, worthless skins for a good one.


Another way to get skin dryers is to use trade-ups. The trade-up contract emphasizes that to get good skin, you must enclose 10 collected skins. However, this type of contract seems a bit rigorous and is often avoided by players. Also, buying keys for new weapon skins did not prove to be a good decision. It often happens that you need to invest a larger amount of collected money for the keys that unlock the skins. And you invest hard-earned money, and when you unlock the skin, it will be quite cheap. You will rarely be able to recoup the money you invested and got not-so-good skin for it.

However, the madness for rare skins is so great that even outside the CS: GO framework, skins are exchanged and sold. If you ask the company that brought this series of CS games to the world, you will get the answer that skins have no monetary value. However, the reality is somewhat different. Precisely because they are rare, they are very desirable, they are found in many markets outside of this game. Very often skins are sold or bought for real money through PayPal and similar transactional instruments. Gambling sites that gamble exclusively for skinheads from CS: GO also speak for themselves. Of course, this is punishable, and the company, whether it wants to or not, is facing lawsuits for illegal gambling.

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