What Is the Fastest Class for Levelling in World of Warcraft?

There is a handful of games that caught everyone’s attention and hearts as WoW or World of Warcraft. All of you probably have heard about this game and have tried to play it at least once, just to see what is all the hype about.

Most of you that tried probably stayed in and are one of their hard-core players that still play this game, still roam the realms in search of a new quest. Those that aren’t probably didn’t have what it takes to love this game. Don’t get us wrong this type of game – Fantasy MMORPG takes a certain taste and certain preferences that not all of us have. This is why we have so many people so hard-core for the WoW franchise and hard-core people that are against it.

If you found this article it means that you are the one of those first that like the game, or at least like it so much that you searched the terms leveling up, and fastest way to level up. The results brought you here and they also tell us that you are invested in the game. Because of that, without further ado, we will tell you all about the class that levels up the fastest. You also can choose to level up by, which is still a legit form of ranking up pretty fast and opening things for yourself that you would need to wait for ages.

Instead of just one best class we will make a short list of the fastest classes that you can level up and we will explain how to do it as well, let’s start:

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The Priest is a class that is reasonably easy to use and easy to level up. They can mow down mobs at a really fast pace and this class also has reasonably fast sustained. As a priest, the big deal is increased wand damage that they get but a huge drawback is the lack of mobility when compared to other classes. But this is all for a reason, you can’t have an overpowered class that has it all. Balance is a huge part of this game and the reason it sustains for this long. If you are looking for a very versatile healer or a shadowy DPS most would recommend playing the priest.



This class is the one that levels with both ease and speed and as a bonus feature, they have access to the different shape-shifting forms like cat and bear. These are great for traversing your world and you will see that in no time with druids you will laugh at mobility, or the lack of it, from other classes. This is also a hybrid class meaning that they have two other benefits – sustain is good while their downtime is very low. One deficiency in this class that we can think of is mana efficiency while shape-shifting or healing yourself or your teammates.



This class is considered to be an extremely good leveler class because they are a pet class with a very high sustain. With warlocks, you will be able to take on multiple mobs and heal yourself with health stones and potions, or resurrect yourself with soul stone instead of making a long trip back to your body. As we already mentioned balancing you guessed it that there will be some here as well – they lack in mobility and they lack in it heavily, but despite that, it is still a great choice for a leveler class.



This class is an incredible leveler class. Compared to all of these we already mentioned they are a class that is slow to start but once you can spec into your AoE grinding talents they annihilate other classes in every way including the leveling speed. They are the most sought-after class when it comes to dungeon grinding because of their improved blizzard and raw damage output. You can craft your food and water, and teleport yourself and others to major cities while the downsides are downtown drinking, they are rather squishy and their decent but not great mobility.

There is a neat trick that some people “discovered” along the way. If you take on a quest and head down to the objective, before starting it if you quit it and proceed through it you will find a lot of bonus objectives that were meant to be done as you tackle the main one. These behave like simple quests like kill and find stuff, but with a twist – you get way more experience. With some practice you will complete these objectives very quickly and depending on your level you will get up to 10k Exp per this bonus objective which is more than some regular objectives at levels 20, 30 and up. Flying around the map and doing these bonus objectives can be lucrative by itself but you can also speed that up with another little trick.


Use party sync to replay all the objectives again. What you need to do is complete a bonus objective, as you would normally, then log on to the starter edition trial account on the same account, create a group and invite the starter edition character, open the map and turn on the party sync for each character. This will reset all the bonus objectives and allow you to do them all over again double the EXP. There are two advantages to this – you will extend the number of bonuses you can do because there is a final number of these and doing them all two times helps, and the second thing is you have zero travel time between the first and the second time you do these bonus objectives which greatly speeds things up.


One more way to level up is WOW coupons. They offer an effective way for gamers to stretch their monthly budget without having to sacrifice game time or miss out on any of the available features. Some World of Warcraft coupons provide discounts on purchases made at the company’s official stores, while others offer discounts when players make in-game purchases from certain vendors or stores. Gamers will also find steep discounts on subscription or upgrade fees when signing up for new accounts. Whatever type of coupon code an individual has access to can help them make significant savings while playing their favorite online game.

When it comes to WoW there are a great number of things like this and similar to this and there is a huge fan base that is dedicated to showing the new members the easier way in this game. You still have to grind and find out about things but now you have someone to turn to when you need help. Try to find Wowhead which is a site filled with all kinds of information related to WoW. If you have a problem the answer and the solution are there.

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