10 Interesting Roulette Facts You Might Not Know

Roulette is the best casino game globally, and you might be fascinated by the game. This game came into play in the 17th century, and not only in the country or city. This game has created a global sensation. People can come and play this game online too.

So you should know the ins and outs of the game if you are a roulette game fan, but you might be not aware of these interesting facts:

1. Most expensive Roulette table

The luxury accessories and other items like wheels cost range from Dollars 5,000 to Dollars 7,000. So if you were planning to get this for your home to play with friends and family members, you might reconsider it because it is the most expensive table in gaming. The most expensive Roulette has 14 kgs of gold and silver in it. One can keep the table for special occasions. You can learn more from

2. Roulette game is the game of the Devil


Theories have been made that it is the game of the Devil. Though its explanation is very simple, it gets a nickname for it when something popular is adopted globally. When you sum up all the numbers on the spinning wheel of the Roulette game, you will come across the number 666, which is called the Devil’s number. If you don’t trust, you can add up those numbers.

3. The wheel didn’t always have one zero

The Roulette game has evolved with time over the past few years, believe it or not. The first Roulette game was adopted in the 19th century by german casinos, which had two zero’s for new players to try this game by giving them an offer to win the game by a greater probability. These days, the Roulette game having two zeros still exists somewhere in las vegas, where most players can find and play it. It is called by the name American Roulette.

4. What is a Roulette ball made from?

In ancient times Roulette game ball was made from ivory, which was obtained from black-market items. Those items are obtained from the elephant tusk, which is why the smuggling of elephant tusk was increased in the market. Thankfully, the ball is made up of some ceramics or plastic these days. The material used in the ball is important for the effectiveness and the fairness of the game.

5. Craziest Roulette bet


Once there was Crazy roulette game fan Ashley Revell in the year 2004. He bet all his savings of around $ 135,300, all that he owned in the game, and sold all his possessions on trying his luck. This was the craziest bet that occurred, and he walked out with dollars 270,600. He bet on the red ball with less than a fifty-fifty percent of winning and landed the seven ball surprisingly. This was the craziest bet in history, but you shouldn’t try it.

6. California Roulette

This game of Roulette is very differently played in California. The reason is that Germany has its own gambling rules and laws, and you can generate the results using a deck of cards only.

Traditionally, the game can only be played by the wheel. Still, as it is banned in the city, people found a loophole in the given law and made “California Roulette,” which is the same as the game which is played by a ball on the wheel; instead, it is played by the cards to predict the outcoming of the results. By this, it is not against the law of the California government, and people can enjoy the game.

7. Roly-Poly Inspiration

Roulette is derived from the French term “the little wheel,” which is also inspired by the famous Mathematician and Scientist from France named Blaise Pascal. The people said he was the person who has explained the mathematics field in terms of probability and also invented the device which looks like the roulette wheel. In today’s time, it was being inspired by Roly Poly, odd and even spinning wheel, and it has become a famous ball game of the 17th century.

8. Lucky 17 and 22


The fun fact is that number 17 is the most played common number because it is believed that it’s James bond’s favorite number. But on a logical basis, this number is situated in the center of the table. The other famous number is 22, which is also the most played number in the casinos because this number is associated with movie scenes from Lost in America and Indecent Proposal.

9. No Drinks

There is a big NO for drinks on the Roulette game table, unlike baccarat or blackjack games. The drinks are considered appropriate while playing these games, but there is an exception in online Roulette games where these rules are more relaxed.

10. Red or Black

If you think that the number red is consecutively hit again and again and would not hit the next time, you might be wrong because the chances of hitting the same color again 20 consecutive times are 2 in 2048.



Being the most popular casino game, the Roulette game originated in the 17th century. It is an attractive game for first-time players and a group of people is enjoying the roulette game. You might rarely come across who does not know how to play a roulette game. It is because it is most fascinating among the newcomers and old players.

So in case you are planning to play a land roulette casino or online Roulette, you can consider the above facts, which might give you an edge in knowledge about the game. The Roulette casino is considered the queen of all the casino games.

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