First Time Raid Tips For Destiny 2 Beginner Players

If you prefer shooting games full of action with excellent gameplay and graphics, Destiny 2 is the right option. If you are playing this game for the first time, the most important thing is to go through tutorials and start by checking the environment. There are clear instructions provided in the game and you should focus on passing a couple of initial missions. After you start completing quests, there will be many other options.

For experienced players, one of the best ways to get better gear is to play raids. However, you cannot expect to be good at this part of the game from the start. The point is to increase your level and collect a lot of loots so you can improve your character. There are many tutorials that you can find about Destiny 2 leveling. Also, there is a great option for Destiny 2 boosting that you can view here and learn more about this possibility.

When you reach a certain point, you will be able to start with the raids. It can be quite challenging, but most people find it the most important part of the game. Here are some tips that will help you start with the raids in the right way.

Don’t Rush

Keep in mind that there are more experienced players with advanced skills that will kill you very fast. That might make this game stressful. You will need time until you collect the right great and gain a higher experience level. Therefore, try to enjoy while playing, and focus on missions that will help you acquire the right items.

Moreover, a lot of people won’t be interested in forming a raiding group with you since you just started your experience here. Don’t aim for the best players in the beginning. The best solution is to find other beginners so you can advance together and reach higher points.

Focus on Items


The key of the game is to make your character more powerful. Therefore, you should never avoid the chance to collect loot with items or get more experience points. There are many interesting things in this huge virtual world. However, be sure to don’t get off the track.

Follow the missions and focus on getting as many items as you can. There are all kinds of gear that you can find here. Be sure to always have a couple of fast weapons along with special gear and heavier options. Flexibility is very important since that will help you become more efficient against different opponents.

Use the Additional Software

There are different options that you can choose for this game, such as Destiny tracker, companion app, Report, Sets, Playbook, groups on Reddit, and more. The key feature of these apps is to learn more about different items and how they might affect specific opponents. These apps can also help you to form groups, learn about various challenges, and much more.

Learn More About Different Characters

Different classes have all kinds of features. Therefore, you won’t be able to get too far if you continue using the same set of weapons. The group needs to offer flexibility in terms of different characters that can apply bigger damage, hold the opponent units for a longer time, and support allies with healing and buffs.

Become a Part of the Group


It can be very difficult for beginners, and you cannot expect that you will become a part of some experienced group from the start. Avoid joining random groups as well since that might ruin your experience. The best option is to meet people online and create a strategy. Also, you have to be sure that other players are determined and that they won’t leave the game in the middle of some challenge.

We already mentioned how important is to form a group with people who are on a similar level as you are. That will help all members to advance at the right place and create the right long-term strategy that will secure higher levels and better gear.

Work on Your Skills

If you have experience in some other shooting games, that can help you a lot. Still, there are some unique features, and it is crucial to keep practicing. The key aspects of the game are accuracy, focus, and speed. You will improve these skills over time.

Moreover, having the right gear is also very important. If you have a low-end PC, this might cause lagging and bugs, and you won’t have the best experience due to lower details in the game. Therefore, you will have to upgrade your PC so you cast set at least medium settings.

The additional equipment can make an even bigger difference. The best solution is to buy the right gaming mouse with improved sensitivity. Mechanical keyboards are also very popular among players of action games. Besides that, a good mouse pad will improve the accuracy even more.

Try to focus on details in the game when you fail some mission. We know that it can be frustrating, but the only way to learn more and improve your skills is to experiment. Besides that, we suggest you check some popular channels on YT and Twitch where professionals are sharing their performances, plays, and strategies.


Last Words

It is interesting that many modern games have certain things in common, and that is the case with leveling, looting, missions, and raids. If you have experience in other games that have similar formats like Destiny 2, it will be much easier to start with your progression.

On the other side, even if you are a beginner without any experience, you can quickly improve your skills if you focus on the right things, and that is learning more about the features of the game and characters, collecting experience points and new weapons, and joining the right group of people where each role will be determined so you can work together on passing different challenges and reaching the highest point of this game.

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