5 Puppy Tips to Help With Potty Training

Are you struggling to get your puppy to go outside to relieve himself, especially in the house? To help you with this, we’ve created a list of puppy tips to help with the potty training process.

We hope that finding these tips and tricks can help you raise a well-trained puppy who loves its home. So, read on!

1. How to Establish a Regular Potty Schedule

A regular schedule will be easier for the puppy to remember and will also help him or her start to understand what behavior is expected. Additionally, a regular routine may help increase the chances of the puppy needing to “go” at certain times and remembering to do so in the proper location.

Take them outside to the designated potty area at set times during the day, such as after meals, after waking up, and before bed. It’s important to be consistent with the scheduling, even deworming schedule for puppies. You can also keep a journal to track the times when your puppy typically goes potty, and use that information to adjust the schedule as needed.

It can also be beneficial to take the puppy to the same spot outside each time, as he or she may begin to connect that that’s the area to use for pottying. This can also be helpful if more than one person is responsible for potty breaks.

2. Use a Consistent Command


Potty-training a puppy is a challenging task that requires patience and consistency. To help make potty training easier, it is important to use a consistent command when teaching potty training.

For example, when it’s time for your puppy to go to the restroom, use the same command every single time. This will help your puppy to understand that once the command is heard, it needs to go ‘potty’. There are many benefits to using a consistent command:

Allows Your Puppy to Learn Quickly

When you use the same command every time, your puppy will learn to respond to it more quickly. They will know what is expected of them.

Makes It Easier to Train Your Puppy

By using the same command every time, you can ensure that your puppy is responding to your training and not to other cues or distractions. This can make the training process more effective, and also make it easier for your puppy to understand what you expect of them.

Makes the Process More Positive

When your puppy responds correctly to your command, you can reward them with treats and praise, which helps to make the process more positive for your puppy and encourages them to repeat the desired behavior.

Helps Your Puppy to Understand Rules

Using a consistent command will help your puppy to understand what is expected of them and what they should do. This will help your puppy to be well-mannered and well-behaved.

3. Reward Good Behavior


When potty training your puppy, it’s important to reward them for good behavior. Rewarding your puppy with verbal praise, a treat, or lots of pets and cuddles will help encourage and reinforce positive potty habits.

You should give your puppy a treat or verbal praise right after they finish using the restroom outside. This will help them associate going to the bathroom outside with a positive experience, and they will eventually begin to understand how you want them to behave.

Furthermore, you should try to stay consistent with praise and rewards, and your pup will soon master the potty training process.

4. Watch for Signs of Needing to Go

When potty training your puppy, one of the most important steps is to watch for signs of needing to go. If a puppy is held on a consistent potty schedule, accidents will become fewer and fewer.

Pay attention to your pup’s behavior, as it can clue you in on when they need to go. Does your pup start going in circles or sniffing the ground? These can be signs that your puppy needs to go.

If you observe these clues, take your pup outdoors to their designated potty area right away. Reward your pup with verbal praise, treats, and even playtime when they go to the right place. With consistent observing, confining, and praising, potty training should be easier!

5. Be Patient


When it comes to new puppy potty training, the most important tip to keep in mind is to be patient. Puppies are learning entirely new concepts, including where and when to go to the bathroom.

Additionally, they need to develop good habits to stick with this routine. This can be difficult to learn, so it is imperative to be as patient as possible. Patience makes the process easier for both you and your puppy. When it comes to patience, be sure to give your puppy plenty of time and reward for potty successes.

When accidents happen, don’t punish or scold your puppy—this won’t help the process. Instead, remain calm and redirect your puppy as needed. Over time, and with consistent, patient encouragement, your puppy will become better and better at potty training.

Learn More Puppy Tips Today

Potty training a puppy is a difficult but rewarding process. With some patience and the right puppy tips, potty training success can be achieved.

Consider providing positive reinforcement, like treats, to reward success and create a positive association with the pottying process. Most importantly, remember to be consistent to see the best results in the long run.

Get started today, and soon your pup will be potty-trained!

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