How Much CBD Oil Should I Give my Dog?

We all love our dogs but with great love comes great responsibility and we need to care for them a lot. If you notice that your dog is suffering you need to go to the vet immediately. Depending on the condition, the vet will recommend CBD oils because they have confirmed it provides a therapeutic effect, and not only that, you can use them to improve the overall health of your dog.

How much you should give it to your dog is a question that might get you confused because there are many factors that determine the right dosage. First of all, is the concentration of the product because there are a lot of manufacturers that offer different concentrated oils. Secondly, the size of your dog, if you have a bigger dog then you will need to give more oil and if you have a small-sized dog lower dosage is required.

We made this article to show you some of the benefits that CBD oil offers and also how to choose the correct dose that your dog requires.

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What exactly is CBD oil?


CBD is an oil extracted from the cannabis plant. This chemical is confirmed to offer great help when it comes to eating disorders, pain-relieving, and overall inflammation-reducing. How does it work you may ask? Well, we have chemicals from our body that works on the cannabinoid receptors, so CBD oil is used as a booster to them, enhancing their functioning and well-being.

Benefits of using CBD


CBD has many benefits that affect dogs. If your dog is standing in the corner not being social enough, has a problem of being alone even for one minute, or maybe is licking and biting itself then your dog might be suffering from anxiety. The oil will calm your dog down, reduce stress, and will relieve anxiety. If your dog is in pain either from an injury that occurred spontaneously or has a disease, this oil will stop the suffering by alleviating the pain.

To learn more about the effects and benefits of CBD oil, we suggest doing a bit more research on this topic.

If your dog suffers from epilepsy then this remedy is good for it because it is scientifically confirmed that using this oil will reduce seizures and will calm your dog down.

Dogs depending on the race might have joint problems and difficulty moving. CBD oil is known to reduce inflammation throughout the entire body but especially in the joints. Combined with the pain-relieving benefit that will make the dog happier that he can move freely.

Problems with the digestive system are also common in dogs. They can differ from losing appetite to a sensitive bowel. Adding this supplement to his food will increase his appetite and will reduce stomach problems.

Last but not least, if your dog has cancer that is the worst time around for your dog but you also. That is a great suffering for your dog and you need to do something in order to make it feel better. Using this oil will reduce the symptoms of cancer and will reduce the pain as well.

Choosing the right dose


Choosing the right dosage is not an easy job but with a little research and preparation, you will nail this job. There are some key factors that determine the dose for your pet. First of all, is the concentration that the oil has. Different brands make different concentrated oils so make sure you don’t switch out brands often in order to save yourself from making mistakes. Always see the instructions and act accordingly.

To give the right dose to your dog, you will need to understand the pipetting and how much CBD is in one full pipet. When you understand that, you will start dividing it into quarters to make it easier to apply the right dose. To avoid your dog’s refusals of CBD, it is best to add oil to its food. But keep in mind that orally the oils will not be absorbed totally so make sure you add that to the equation.

The second factor is the dog size. If you happen to have a big dog then you will need to give it a larger dose. If you have a smaller dog then you will need to give it a smaller dose. The dosage and the size of the dog go in direct proportion. You will see in the instruction if there is a chart on how many milligrams does your dog need for that size, if not, you can always ask your vet to give the information you need.

The third factor is the medical issue. Depending on if you are just trying to improve its health or you are trying to relieve some symptoms the dosage will vary. If you are treating symptoms like excruciating pain or cancer symptoms then your dog will need a bigger dose.

If you are just starting with CBD oil therapy for your dog, go from a lower dose and incrementally increase the dosage to find the sweet spot.

Types of oils


There are two major types, full-spectrum oils, and isolates. The isolates are just CBD isolated from the cannabis plant while the other one is oil from the full plant and has other chemicals other than CBD so this one is maybe a better oil with better therapeutic effects.

To sum it up

Dogs require special care since they are our best friends. We can not let them suffer, especially if there is a solution to their problem. In this case, CBD oil is a great way to improve their health since we have seen the benefits that it offers and also helps them with symptoms of other illnesses that are causing them discomfort.

Knowing all factors that are included in the dosage will make it easier for us to select the right dose, and in case there are no effects we can always up the dose a little bit to see if there are improvements. We have seen how to choose the right amount of oil for the best effects but also to avoid overdosing.

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