Meaning Behind Koi Fish Markings

The allure of Koi fish lies not only in their vibrant and intricate patterns but also in the profound meanings and symbolism that these patterns encapsulate.

Each contour, color palette, and design etched onto a Koi’s body narrates a story reflective of its individuality and journey. In this exploration, we delve into the captivating realm of Koi fish markings, delving deep into the cultural and symbolic significances underlying the ornate embellishments that adorn these aquatic marvels.

A Canvas of Artistic Expression

Compared to other fish – for example, the Goldfish – there is a huge range of different varieties of Koi fish within the Koi fish family.

Often referred to as “living jewels” or “swimming art,” Koi fish have undergone years of selective breeding to obtain the perfect color pattern for the individual fish. This meticulous curation by Japanese enthusiasts has led to the development of Koi with distinctive patterns. Each distinct pattern has a story told within the fish that not only helps the fish stand out but also tells a story of the spirituality of the fish themselves.

1. Kohaku (Red and White)


The Kohaku variety of Koi showcases a pristine white foundation embellished with vivid red markings. White, symbolizing the Koi’s affinity with water and its prowess to transform obstacles into opportunities, partnered with bold red strikes. In Japanese culture, this represents strength, power, and vitality. They have been likened to the physical embodiment of the yin and yang and carry huge symbolic significance.

2. Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke)


Sanke Koi, characterized by a white base adorned with both red and black markings, evoke a sense of balance and harmony. The white underpinning conveys purity and serenity, while the red hues resonate with vitality and life force. The presence of black represents protection against negativity and struggles in life. Sanke Koi are revered for their role in harmonizing their surroundings.

3. Showa Sanshoku (Showa)


These fish have a black body and are found with splots of red and white, Showa Koi convey the symbolism of transformation and evolution. Red elements signify vigor and passion, while white attributes stand for purity and light. A representation of resilience and courage, Showa Koi resonate as an icon of surmounting challenges and embracing adversities.

4. Utsurimono


The Utsurimono possess a black body and can be identified by their white, red, or yellow markings. The stark contrast between these hues serves as a metaphor for change and transformation. Utsurimono Koi encapsulates the concept of a journey from obscurity to enlightenment, portraying a poignant symbol of personal growth and positive transformation.

5. Bekko


Distinctive for their contrasting black markings against a white, red, or yellow base, Bekko Koi epitomizes equilibrium between light and darkness. These Koi bear an emblematic significance of tranquility and self-awareness, offering a visual representation of finding inner peace amid life’s intricate facets.

6. Ogon


Ogon Koi, characterized by their monochromatic appearance ranging from metallic gold to platinum, exude a sense of purity and clarity through their uniform coloring. They are often emblematic of prosperity and abundance, reflecting notions of both material and spiritual opulence.

7. Asagi and Shusui


Asagi Koi, distinguished by their blue-gray bodies adorned with red or orange accents, parallel the imagery of their native mountain streams. These Koi evoke sentiments of tranquility, purity, and a profound connection to the natural world. Shusui Koi, akin to Asagi but featuring fewer scales, extend a variation of this symbolism.

8. Butterfly Koi


With their elongated fins flowing gracefully, Butterfly Koi exhibit a diverse range of colors and patterns. Their elongated fins embody grace and elegance. Sporting an amalgamation of symbolism from various Koi varieties, Butterfly Koi emerge as emblems of individuality and adaptability.

No matter the exact breed of Koi fish that you get – there is one thing for certain. The addition of Koi fish into your home will open up a new world of colors and patterns in your pond for you to admire.

To learn more about Koi fish, which variety you believe would be best for you, and also the best practices to take to ensure you are providing a place for them to thrive it is important to visit a Koi Specialist.

Making sure you are going to a specialist, like the Koi Water Garden in Surrey, will help educate you further about the variety of Koi and enable you to make the best decision for yourself.

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