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First 7 Things You Should Do When Training a Puppy

Undoubtedly, there is a massive communication gap between dogs and human beings. Training your little puppy is a challenging task which needs a lot of patience. It is crucial to understand your furry friend and guide them with discipline. Visit on how dogs became domesticated and how dogs are easy to train, thus making them fantastic house pets.

Initially, they may make some mistakes because there is a learning curve and they are observing you and your behavior. Never underestimate the learning power of your dog and it’s best to start early. Click here to find out when you should start training your furry companion and why it is important.

You have to teach everything to them like human babies. It is necessary to stay calm and take time to understand your dog. Initially, it is hard to manage things. But after some time, everything will go with the flow. In the following write-up, we will discuss all the crucial things you must do while training a puppy.


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It is challenging for your puppy to mix up with other people because your friend only trusts you. It is crucial to take him out to different places and provide a new experience. If your pet is socialized, then it can easily adjust itself among others.

Lack of such an experience will make them aggressive, fearful, or more barking. Whenever they see anyone around you, your dog will bark, and it can make you embarrass. If you are a highly-socialized person, then you must consider it as a part of the training.

House Training

Dogs need some time to learn how to be disciplined. Every house owner has its priorities, and hence, they can provide training according to their requirements. You cannot allow your puppy to pee anywhere in the house. It is necessary to create a proper schedule and make them learn how to behave in a house.

Whenever your pet eats or drinks anything, take him out for potty. You cannot bear to clean the shit every time at your home. It is better to learn how to maintain discipline in the house for better living. In this way, there will be no need to run behind them from one place to another. Your pet will know how and when to approach you for basic needs.

Crate Training

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If you want to supervise your puppy, then you should consider crate training. Provide enough time for your dog to be comfortable on the spot. In this way, he will not get into bad habits like soiling, chewing, etc.

By providing a crate, you are fixing a specific place for them to relax and do all sorts of things. In this way, you can avoid potty indoors, and hence, your house will remain clean and tidy. The crate is a perfect tool to make them know their place to stay all the time. They will need permission to come out of their crate for basic things.

Avoiding Destructive Chewing

Your puppy can chew anything that seems interesting to them. But you cannot allow this habit to continue for a long time. You can provide chewing toys to them to avoid biting and chewing furniture or other things at your home. You have to teach them what to chew and what not.

In the beginning, it will take time to understand what you are teaching to them. But after some time, they will follow your instructions. You have to say No whenever you need to stop them.

Bite Inhibition

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You have to teach them how to control their bite and use their teeth gently. If your puppy is interacting with small kids, then he must know how to behave. You can play with them and allow them to use their mouth. If they start eating roughly, then it is better to leave the playing session.

In this way, your dog will realize that he is doing something wrong that his owner is no more playing with him. It is crucial to control their teeth because they can bite someone severely. Bite inhibition is relevant necessary for every pet. In this way, they can also control their aggression and obey your commands.

Positive Behavior

Like kids, puppies also understand the positive behavior and be gentle with their owners. If you treat them roughly or give punishments to them, then it can severely affect their mind. You may observe changes in their behavior, like they may become aggressive or get scared of you.

If you want to make your pet obey your commands, be gentle and stay calm with them. Even if your furry friend is misbehaving, offer them love and stay good with them. A puppy is like your family member. It is good if you scold them for their mistakes gently. It will help them to understand you better and follow your instructions.

Basic Obedience

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Before teaching any advanced things to your pet, make sure that you work on basic obedience. Your pet must follow the instructions like sit down, stand up, walk, come, jump, etc.

It is necessary to set some rules for them and appreciate them whenever they follow your instructions. It may take time, but your puppy will grow with good behavior and habits. Be gentle and work on your puppy to make a good pet of yours.

Final Thoughts

Training a puppy can be challenging, and it may require a lot of patience. You have to understand your furry friends by being gentle and make them learn how to maintain discipline. Like kids, you have to teach him things like potty training, basic obedience, good behavior, and much more. You have to stay cool and calm while handling them.

You have to trust their learning ability because they will learn to be perfect one day. It is hard to achieve the goals in a single day. You have to make a lot of attempts and get the victory after so much effort. Welcome your new family member and train them with love and care. If you love them, they will also love you back.

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