5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Adult Toys – 2024 Guide

Most people are creatures of habit, as when we get used to doing something, it gets pretty difficult to stop it, even in cases when that something is bad for us, like cigarettes, for example. Of course, healthy habits are highly appreciated as they are most often health-related, but we all create habits simply because of a commodity. Of course, living in this digital age and spending a lot of time online also means that we substituted certain things that we used to do in person with doing so online, and the best example of that is shopping. Above all, if we can get the product of the same quality online, and we will spend much less time on that, it’s pretty understandable that, for most people, ordering food, house appliances, tools, etc., online is the best and easiest solution.

The rapid popularity of adult toys


With this in mind, combined with topics and things that the majority, unfortunately, still consider taboo, we get to the place where people finally feel free to try something new, scratch their itch, and fulfill their deepest desires. Many industries flourished because of the Internet and the adult toy industry in particular because now, everyone can buy and try everything they ever wanted. The possibilities are numerous, as the offer of these toys is vast but, it also has its downsides. Namely, with so many toys, some people often buy on, for which, they simply are still not ready for, and then, they get disappointed and stop, even though there are plenty of other things that interest them. It’s just one plain example of how easily people get disappointed, as even the slightest mistake can lead to that. Furthermore, people often neglect basic yet important maintenance things about adult toys. That is why, in order to avoid disappointment, we should learn from other people’s mistakes, so we will mention some of them.

1. Expecting that they can replace a person

No matter how good the adult toy is and how much enjoyment and excitement it provides, it is wrong to think that it can replace the real person and sex with them because it is impossible. Having sex with someone means a high level of intimacy and a deep relationship, and there is no sex toy in the world that can provide us that. They are great to spice up a love life or shorten some lonely nights, but they cannot replace the person and your relationship with them, so it is wrong to expect it.

2. Popular doesn’t always mean the best


It’s understandable that when there is hype over some adult toy, people are more likely to buy it, regardless of how much they were interested in it before all the fuss. The same thing is for almost anything your friend or someone you highly appreciate recommend, as you believe them, trust and value their opinion, which is great but simply isn’t applicable for this matter. Understandably, if some toy is globally popular, there must be a reason for that, and asking someone you trust for an opinion is always a good option. Just try not to make any quick decisions based solely on other people’s thoughts, disregarding your personal preferences and taste. It is all about you, so you are the only person whose opinion counts.

3. Forgetting to clean them

One of the biggest mistakes that one can make when it comes to the usage of adult toys is to forget to clean them. Not cleaning them properly or not cleaning them at all can cause many health problems, and because of that, it is the crucial step that we need to follow after every usage. Besides that, cleaning can prolong a toy’s life and let you enjoy it longer. For most toys, it is enough to wash them with mild soap and lukewarm water, but it is always a good idea to read the instructions before that to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. We need to wash them before and after every use, and forgetting that is not an option because it can be really dangerous for our health.

4. Using the wrong lube


Most adult toys require the usage of lubricants, and it is important to find the right one to avoid discomfort or irritations of our genitals and to prolong the toy’s lifespan. Since these toys are made of different materials, there are different types of lubes, and we need to read the instructions to find the proper one. There are three most common types of lubes which are compatible with almost every toy, but it is still necessary to read the instructions to find the most suitable one. The most popular rule is not to use silicone lube with silicone toys because it will shorten its lifespan, and you will need to buy the new one sooner than you thought.

5. Improper storing

Many people think that these toys need to be stored in some special way, and they are usually too lazy for that. On the other side, many people just put them into the closet or drawer and keep them like that until the next usage. Well, none of these options is good, and we need to clean and dry them properly after every usage and store them into plastic or cloth bag before we put them in the closet or drawer. Each of them needs to have its own bag because it is the only way to keep them clean and avoid cross-contamination between them. It is not that complicated, and we need a few minutes for that, but we will be sure that we are doing everything to prolong their lifespan and protect our health.

The bottom line

Hopefully, now, when you know the most common mistakes people make with their toys for adults, you know what to do and what to avoid doing. It’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes, so visit here, find all the toys you may want, and simply enjoy, as we know you are going to.

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