Why Is Buying Male Adult Toys and Sex Products Still a Taboo

Lack of sex may not be the main source of dissatisfaction and bad mood. However, active sexual life can certainly bring more positive energy to the life of each individual. Fortunately for all of us, we live in the 21st century where different products are available online. Logically, that provides a big number of solutions to those people that deal with lack of sex as well as individuals that like to experiment with things.

Sex toys are a popular type of product among people. But, when you look closer, they are somehow more characteristic for the female population. A lot of experts even recommend active usage of these toys via the internet and mainstream media. The reason for that is simple – it provides a short-term pleasure and gives energy on a long-term basis.

However, things are a bit different when we talk about the male population. Many men consider adult toys taboo even today. That doesn’t mean a bunch of them are not using them, but most of them will not confirm something like that. Ladies, on the other hand, often discuss their experience with different sex toys as they get the necessary support from different experts.

If you do not want to buy adult toys just because they are a taboo subject, we would like to change your approach and way of thinking. In the further text of the article, we will highlight all the reasons why buying male adult toys and other sex products is still taboo. Let’s go!

1. Men Don’t Talk about It


We already mentioned one of the reasons why something like this is still taboo. Many men that are using sex products will often keep that a secret. Let’s get back to the early days of our lives. The size of the penis is one of the biggest lies that young men will say. They will always add a few centimeters in order to impress their friends. Because of that, many people are afraid to give a clear answer and they continue to lie as well.

Things are almost identical when we talk about male sex products. Even if your friend is using them regularly, he will hardly say that even if he fully trusts you. For more information check

2. Real Men Don’t Need Them

But, why do men have the desire to hide something like that? The answer to that question is pretty easy – real men do not need them. If a man is charming and a true gentleman, he will easily find a sex partner. In other words, the usage of sex toys will make them less capable of finding a partner.

However, that is far away from the truth. Believe it or not, even married men are using them regularly. Some of them are using them alone while others will try to experiment with things and turn their fantasies into reality together with their partner.

If you are generally the type of person that doesn’t talk too much about his sex life, then we respect your secrets. However, in case you feel bad for doing that, then there is a good reason to change your approach. Adult toys are pretty beneficial for both, physical and mental health. Sharing your experience can help someone a lot!

3. Toy Advertising In the Past Was Specific


Well, the businesses that design the toys made a big mistake in the past. For a long time, male adult products were only dedicated to homosexual individuals. Just because you are using sex products, that doesn’t make you more or less gay. It is simply a tool that helps you experience sexual pleasure when you are single or you simply want to try out different things.

Besides, the way these products are promoted now is way different. For instance, check out websites such as after reading this article. Read the content and products they share there and you will see that their toys are dedicated to heterosexual people as well. Forget about things you potentially saw in the past or disinformation you heard from other people. Adult toys are for everyone!

4. Design Is a bit Silly

This is also disinformation, but we need to highlight this as one of the main reasons why buying male adult toys is still taboo. For a long time, male sex products were designed in a bit specific way. “Strange” is probably the right word to use when describing male sex products. On the other hand, ladies haven’t ever had that type of problem. The products they could use were always properly designed and looked somehow cute.

However, as mentioned, we live in the 21st century where a bunch of properly designed sex toys is available to people. You can, once again, check the website we previously mentioned. All the sex toys that the sex shop offers are properly designed and look realistic.

So, which lesson did you actually get here? Research as many shops as you can until you find those that look great. That way, the reasons why you feel shy to talk about this subject will disappear!

5. Men Even Criticize That


We once again need to get back to the conversations that men have. Even if someone decides to share his opinion with friends, he will not get the necessary support. Most friends will probably tell you that you should find a girl and have sex or simply enjoy yourself without any toys.

That means that we do understand why you do not want to talk about your “secret” with others. However, before you decide on that move, it would be good to find out all the mental and physical benefits you got from the sex toys. Despite that, no one says that you need to talk about this with everyone. Talk only with your closest friends!

Final Thought

As you see, there are multiple reasons why buying male adult toys is still taboo. However, when you look closer, there is no reason not to use them or hide that you are using them for the rest of the world. Slowly start the conversation with your friends and expose detail by detail. It may happen that some of them are using them as well, and they will start to talk about their secret as well. Logically, this subject won’t remain taboo soon after that!

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