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We are completely revamping and updating the Microsoft Office portion of our Knowledge Center to add features incorporated in the latest version of Office, Microsoft’s Office 2000. While we won’t be removing any information for Office 95 and Office 97 products, we will be adding cross references to Tips that may work in earlier versions and not in later versions. During this update you may also find that some of the links in the menu may not function correctly. This is due to the cross referencing of data, therefore please bear with us as we add new content.

Our Office Knowledge Center is being redesigned around the concept of bringing you the Tips and Tricks we feel you can use to enhance your your use of the various Microsoft Office products. It is our hope that they will enable you to better integrate these products into both your home and business environment.

As the result of feed back received from our customers, as well as visitors, we have eliminated the step-by-step instructional portions of our Web site pertaining to these Office products. There are sufficient numbers of books and instructional manuals available that provide a more in depth study of the installation and use of each of the Microsoft Office products then we could publish here. Rather than waste space and publish focused versions of the same material here, we will replace that content with specific Tips and Tricks designed to enhance what you have learned by using the other resources.

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