5 Adult Toy Rules And Tips For First Time Users

The adult industry is getting more popular in recent years. People are becoming more open to trying new things. Also, there is a big influence of new technologies that are providing high-quality toys with advanced features that leads to increased pleasure.

Even though it is still taboo, the stats are showing that there are emerging trends related to this industry. For a long time, the most common types of adult toys were vibrators and dildos. However, there are many other products today targeting both men and women. If you want to check the interesting collection of toys, check out

The great thing is that there are products for everyone today and all kinds of aspirations. You can find products that are perfect for couples, while there are those with the main focus on singles, as well. Still, choosing the right product for the first time can be challenging, especially because of the wide range of models and types. Here are some tips and rules that will help you make the right choice as a beginner.

1. Check the Safety


We understand that you got attracted by some model of toy you saw online, and now you want to experience it yourself. However, before you make a decision and buy a toy, be sure to check the safety features.

Some models are designed for people with more experience, and beginners could face injuries if they don’t use the toy in the right way. Some of them might injure your body or get stuck. Also, some models require practicing and experience with other types of toys.

Besides that, safety is also related to the quality of materials used in the production. You should only focus on models that don’t contain any potentially harmful materials or chemicals. The best solution to avoid poor quality is to visit only reputable stores. In that matter, research is very important for beginners.

2. Choose the Right Model

The first thing to do is to choose according to your preferences and whether you are planning to use it alone or with your partner. This will help you to significantly narrow the search. For example, an excellent choice for couples would be a penile ring, which will significantly improve the experience and make intimate relations last longer and more satisfying. Also, we have to mention the advanced models of vibrators that you can control with your smartphone.

The selection for singles provides even greater offers. Women can find numerous types of dildos and vibrators that will make them feel much better when alone. There are improvements in the selection for men in recent years as well. Sex dolls became a trend during the pandemic. We have to mention the advanced models of dolls as well, with an integrated AI and abilities to produce sounds and move, which makes the experience more realistic.

3. Don’t Rush


As we already said, there is a great selection of available models today. However, not all of them are designed for first-time users. There are different potential issues if you decide to go for some pro option since you might not be able to use it in the right way, which won’t lead to any pleasure and might even lead to injuries.

Therefore, a much better approach is to play around and experiment with models specially designed for beginners. That is the best way to try out different things and find what is the best solution for your preferences.

There is the price factor as well. Some of these toys can cost a real fortune. That is especially the case with AI-integrated dolls. There are models that cost over $10k. On the other side, you can start with basic torso models that cost less than $500.

4. Always Check the Reviews

Like with many other industries, one of the best ways to check more details about some product and be sure that you are buying the right thing is to look for the experience of other users. Luckily, there are many websites where people are leaving comments about their experiences.

Also, we have to mention that it is a sign of reliability when a website has a page where people can leave comments. Ratings, descriptions, and the experience of other buyers will make it much easier for you to decide on your first model.

5. Keep it Clean


It is very important to keep your toy in good condition. The materials used in the production can make a difference when it comes to cleaning. The most popular materials are silicone, rubber, thermoplastic, and plush, and each one of them offers a different feeling, but the cleaning process can be different as well.

According to the users, the best option you can get is silicone since it is the easiest one for cleaning, it can provide the maximum pleasure, and offers great durability and resistance. Simple leaving the toy next to the bed and not paying attention to cleaning it after every use might lead to large deposits of bacteria that can lead to health issues.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing is to never rush with your decision on getting your first toy. There are many products today, and most of them might appear very attractive even though they are not designed for beginners. The best solution is to make a good research and focus on your preferences.

The price is also an important factor that can help you narrow the search. As we already mentioned, there are some models that cost thousands of dollars. On the other side, you can start with a simple toy that will cost you only $20 or $30.

There is no need to force things since you can always get a new toy after some time. In that matter, the best solution is to start with models designed for first-time users, and then continue improving your collection according to your aspirations. If you are planning to get some toy to make things more interesting with your partner, be sure to speak about this topic before you buy anything.

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