dosshell MS-DOS Command

Type: External (4.0 and later)


DOSSHELL DOSSHELL [/B] [/G:[resolution][n]]|[/T:[resolution][n]]

Purpose: Initiates the graphic shell program using the specified screen resolution. (In DOS Version 6, this program is stored on the DOS supplemental disk.)


Provides a visual representation of the files and directories on disks. Using the DOS Shell, you can carry out many of the disk management tasks done using the standard set of DOS commands. The DOS Shell is included with DOS Version 4 and later (available in Version 6 only on the DOS supplemental disk). The valid values for resolution are L, M, and H for low, medium, and high resolution. The default value depends on the resolution of your hardware. n specifies a screen resolution when there is more than one choice within a category.


/B Starts the DOS Shell in monochrome mode. /G:resolution – Starts the DOS Shell in graphic mode (L for low, H for high, etc.) /T:resolution – Starts the DOS Shell in text-only (character) mode (L for low, H for high, etc.)


To start the DOS Shell in graphics mode/high resolution, enter, dosshell /g:h

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