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Matt Smith is a famous British actor. Fame came to the artist after playing the role of the Eleventh Doctor in the television series “Doctor Who” . For this role, Matt was nominated for a BAFTA.

Matt Smith was born on October 28, 1982 in Northampton (UK). As a child, he did not even think about acting. Matt grew up in a wealthy family – his parents owned a plastic recycling business. Matt and older sister Laura didn’t need anything.

The girl grew up and became a dancer. She toured with Take That.

Since childhood, Smith was fond of football. His father, a former professional footballer, instilled in him a love for this sport. As Matt grew up, he played for the junior soccer team. But a spinal injury, which Smith received at the age of 16, put an end to his professional sports career.

Parents did everything possible to cure their son – he recovered, but the doctors forbade him to play football. For Matt, the trauma, long recovery period and the taboos on training became stressful – the guy fell into depression. A leader by nature, he could not stay idle for a long time.

After graduation, he planned to enter the University of Cambridge, but the teacher persuaded the guy to try his hand at professional theater. So Matt got into the troupe of the National Youth Theater in London, and then entered the acting department at the university. Since that time, the theater has become an integral part of the life of a young man.


The artist made his professional debut in the roles of Thomas Beckett in Murder in the Cathedral and Bassoon in The Master and Margarita. With the first successfully played roles, self-confidence came to him.

Soon Matt Smith acquired an agent and began to receive interesting offers from English theaters. He has starred in New Murders and On the Shore of the World at Royal Court. After that, the actor was invited to the play “History Lovers” at the Royal London Theater.

In 2007, Matt Smith entered the Vanderville Theater. The debut on the stage of this theater was the performance “Among the Sharks”. The following year, he brilliantly played the role of Henry in the play “That Face”. Smith was nominated for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award for this work .

In 2013-2014, the actor played Patrick Bateman in the play American Psycho at the Almeida Theater in London.

Matt Smith combined his work in the theater with television projects. The debut took place in 2006 – the actor played Jim Taylor in the film “Ruby in the Dark”. The following year, he starred in the film Political Animals, where he played Danny Foster: it was a large-scale project commissioned by the BBC.

This project made the artist popular not only in England, but also in America and in other countries where Doctor Who was broadcast. In the history of the show, he became the youngest Doctor. In 2013, Matt left the project. He explained the decision by “coincidence”, without going into details.

At the same time as work on “Doctor Who” the creators of the series released five episodes entitled “The Life of the Pond.” The episodes covered the lives of Amy and Rory in between their adventures. Five episodes were not without “Doctor”.

Personal life

The busy schedule left Smith no time for family. From time to time he had affairs with colleagues. The paparazzi closely followed the personal life of the “eleventh doctor”.

On the set of Ruby in the Dark, he met actress Billie Piper , but the couple’s relationship lasted a few months. Three years later, the artist was seen in the company of the singer Mayana Mora from Brazil, but this romance also ended. A longer relationship connected Matt with model Daisy Lowe – they dated for almost a year and a half, but also broke up.

In June 2014, Matt Smith appeared at the Cannes Film Festival with Lily James – journalists immediately attributed an affair to the couple. And they were right. Young People starred together in the 2016 film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, where Lily played the lead female role – Elizabeth Bennet. Now the couple has a strong established relationship, they attend important events together, as indicated by photos on the Web, and are friends with families. Fans of the creative union hope that their favorite artists will tie the knot.

In his free time, Matt takes pictures, plays the piano, reads the works of English and foreign classics. In addition, the young man is fond of playing chess, considers the game an entertaining and intellectual pursuit. Due to the wide range of interests, the actor in the future may see himself as a musician or director.

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