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6 Pros and Cons of Using Natural Homemade Skincare Recipes

Everybody wants to have better-looking skin, but to achieve that, you need a lot of effort and a proper skincare routine. However, these things cost money, and not everybody has the budget for something considered a luxury these days.

This is the reason most people come up with their own natural homemade skin care recipes, but obviously, there are pros and cons to this.

If you are currently in a situation where you’re facing some issues with your skin, and you’re looking to improve all that by using a natural homemade skin routine, take a look at these pros and cons. It’s important to weigh in the advantages with the drawbacks to be able to form a decision on whether this is smart to do or not. Here’s what you need to know.

You may accidentally include something that causes an allergy

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When you purchase a professionally-tested and lab-made skincare product from a shop, you are buying something that went through so many tests and safety procedures. Everything is properly checked and marked at the back of the packaging, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Some people don’t even know they are allergic to something until they start experiencing some negative side effects such as rashes or itching, sometimes even worse. We don’t want to scare anyone off but you need to research the ingredients you’re putting in your formula and see if any allergens may cause a problem for you.

Even if you have no experience with this, you can find a lot of recipes online

Most people don’t even know where to start when it comes to crafting their formula, but that’s not an issue nowadays because we have so much information available on the internet. One of the many examples of websites where you can learn how to properly do this is naturalremedyideas.

On websites that focus on putting out such content, you can find the ingredients and the right measures you need to create a formula, but here’s what you need to know.

Not every formula has the same effect. Some are better for oily skin, and some are meant to make dry skin oilier. Is the formula that you’re planning to make suitable for your needs?

Homemade skin care recipes cost a lot less money

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We know how expensive some of the popular skincare products can be, especially if they are trendy at the moment and there’s someone influential promoting them, such as the case with Rihanna and Fenty Beauty. You obviously won’t be able to achieve the same level of quality but it’s also not going to cost you a fortune to pick up an entire collection. Also, not everybody supports the principle of creating such beauty products because some of them involve animal cruelty. As years go by, we see more and more attention towards this, and brands are slowly transitioning to cruelty-free products, but it’s still not 100%.

Needless to say, your products will be made without animal cruelty, which is another reason, or a perk, why you should be doing this.

You can customize the product as you’re the creator of it

If you have a really “picky” skin, and you choose a product to purchase and it turns out that it’s not good, you can’t change the second batch. It will be the same and you are unable to modify it as it is not yours. However, when you create your formula, even if you fail the first batch you can always improve the next one.

After some time of doing this, you will discover what suits your skin the most, and you will have a lot more impact towards the goal of making your skin healthier, smoother, and better looking. Who knows, if you get too good at it, you might even consider getting a license and starting your own business.

You may not be able to achieve the same results twice in a row

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Even if you follow the same recipe and add the same ingredients, the lack of laboratory and professional equipment may make it a bit difficult to replicate things with the same precision. Even popular brands have difficulty doing this as sometimes their batches differentiate in quality, but that’s another topic.

A good solution for this is creating one large batch and storing the product in different, smaller packages. The risk for this is higher as you have a larger waste if you fail the first batch, but you can previously test things in smaller quantities. And, the largest upside of doing homemade products is the fact that you can find the ingredients for a lot cheaper, especially if you buy in bulk.

The formula may not be as efficient as the one made in a lab

Homemade skincare products are healthy. They don’t contain any artificial ingredients that may worsen your condition rather than improve it. But, you can’t always expect them to be extremely efficient, especially if it’s your first time creating them. However, there are some really good recipes that you can find online which people have used in the past and they are proven to work.


It’s a really good idea to craft your own natural homemade skincare formula, but there are some drawbacks obviously, which is pretty normal. However, you need to be well-informed about these drawbacks before attempting anything on your own, because you don’t want to risk your health doing something that’s not previously properly tested by someone else.

In this article, you can find the most important pros and cons and decide whether you want to proceed with a natural homemade skin routine or not. We hope that you learned something new today and we’re thankful for the time you took to read this article.

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