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Gurmeet Chaudhary Biography

Gurmeet Chaudhary has demonstrated many talents since childhood – he danced, shone on stage, and practiced martial arts. Diligence and natural charm helped him become a sought-after actor who conquered fans of Indian cinema.

Gurmeet Chaudhary Childhood and youth

Gurmit Chaudhary was born on February 22, 1984 in the vicinity of India. The boy’s father was a military man, so the family often moved, and the future star had to change schools. Thanks to this, Gourmet from an early age fell in love with traveling and discovering new corners of his native country.

Parents saw in the sons of the rising stars of the screen, but the elder brother Chaudhary did not live up to their expectations and became a doctor. Gourmet, in his school years, began to play on the stage and earn money as a model. He participated in the competition “Mr. India”, where he could not win, but was awarded the title “Mr. Jabalpur”.

With age, the young man became more and more interested in cinema, developed the skills necessary for filming. The gourmet received a black belt in karate and was a professional dancer at the Shiamak Davar Dance Academy in Mumbai. After completing his studies, the guy decided to stay in the city, rented an apartment with friends and looked for an opportunity to get on television. He soon became a sought-after clip artist and gloss model, but fame was still to come.

Personal life

In 2011, Gurmite married actress and dancer Debina Bonnerjee, with whom he starred in the drama Ramayan. Chaudhary is fond of collecting sunglasses, loves to read. To keep himself in shape, he spends his free time in the gym and, with a height of 171 cm, weighs 75 kg.


The Indian actor made his screen debut in 2004 when he landed a role in the TV series Yeh Meri Life Hai. The plot of the drama revolves around a simple Indian girl named Pooja, who dreams of becoming a director. But on the way to her dream, the heroine has to overcome many obstacles, become a victim of betrayal and find new friends.

After the first appearance on television, Chaudhary became the object of attention of fans, who noted the attractive appearance and charisma of the young actor. Soon, the artist got a small role in the soap opera Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, which tells about the immortality of love. The main character was a girl named Kumkum, who, after the death of her husband, married his half-brother Sumit.

The next project, in which Gurmite managed to participate, was the fantasy drama Mayavi, which tells the story of a man who can control the elements. The actor’s finest hour was shooting in the series “Ramayan”, where he played King Rama, who was expelled from Ayodhya, accompanied by his wife Sita. An interesting fact: if you combine the names of the main characters, you get the name of the father of the actor Sitram.

The drama has been warmly received by fans in India and abroad. Soon, the creators decided to extend the project for a 2nd season, in which the actor returned to his role. His performance received the Best Debut Award from the New Talent Awards.

After that, the actor’s filmography was replenished with the soap opera “Music that is unknown to anyone.” He played the stern and honest businessman Maan, whose younger brother deceived and dishonored a young girl named Git. The man helps the main character escape from persecution, marries her and takes her under his protection. Fans watched with bated breath as the characters interact between Chaudhary and his partner Drashti Dhami , for which the artists were named Most Famous Couple on Television from the Zee Gold Awards.

No less successful were the shooting in the series “The Second Wedding”, where Gurmite played a widower named Yash. Tired of resisting the desire of his family to improve his personal life, the hero agrees to marry a divorced woman named Artie, with whom he tries to lead a life and raise children from past relationships. The actor’s partner was Kratika Sengar, with whom the title of the most famous couple came again.

This was followed by participation in such films as “Sounds of Silence”, “Mister X” and “You are the reason for everything”, after which the ranks of the man’s fans swiftly replenished, and his fame grew.

Gurmeet Chaudhary now

In 2024, Gurmite starred in the short film Shubho Bijoya, in which he played the main character. Now he continues to build a career in cinema. Fans learn news from the biography of the idol on the Instagram page , where photos and videos are published.

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