Frontpage Tips and Tricks, Adding a Page Transition to a Web Page

Adding a Page Transition to a Web Page

If you have used Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation graphics, you are probably already familiar with page transitions. Using transitions on web pages can create added interest for your visitors, just don’t get carried away on your Web site!

We recommend that you only do this on selected pages or maybe just your home page or the first page of your Web site.

  1. In Page View, open the page for which you want to display the transition effect.
  2. On the Format Menu, click Page Transition.
  3. In the Event Drop-Down Menu, select the event that will be triggering the transition effect. Example: Select Page Enter to display the transition effect when a visitor browses to the page for the first time.
  4. In the Transition Box, select the type of transition effect you want to see.
  5. In the Duration (seconds) box, type the amount of time you wish the transition to last.
  6. Click OK and then save the page. (File menu, click Save)

Note: Visitors will only see the transition if they are using the Equivalent of IE 4.0 or higher.

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