3 Online Casino Games That Are Hardest to Beat

The world of modern gambling is vastly different from what this industry used to be a couple of decades ago, even only half a decade ago. Back in the day, and these times seem much more distant than they actually are, if one wanted to gamble, one would have to make their way to the nearest brick-and-mortar casino establishment. There was no way of doing it seriously in any other setting. You could play with your friends at a pub, a café, or perhaps at home, but that is not real gambling, at least not in the general sense of the word. Even before that, in the days of and before the wild west, people had to go to salons and taverns to play. Nowadays, however, we have the spoils of modern technology on our side and the world is making use of it in its entirety.

Thanks to the numerous advancements in technology, mainly the internet and the contemporary gadgetry we have, most gambling these days are done on the web. The online casino industry is huge and it has already overtaken many other forms of gambling as well as other entertainment branches. Traditional gambling has already become obsolete, and despite places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco, and Macao still being the gambling capitals of the world, the vast majority of players play from the comfort of their homes on their computers, or on the move through their mobile phones.

One other benefit apart from the overall convenience is the number of games one can choose to play at an online casino. Not only are all the popular classics and modern games available within a few clicks, but there are many special hybrid games, crosses between the old formulas, and titles that more closely resemble actual gaming than gambling. In such a situation it could be overwhelming for a gambler to pick the game they like, especially if their aim is not all about having fun but actually beating the game and earning some money. In an effort to make things easier for you we have compiled a list of online games that are the hardest to beat so that you know what to avoid or get good at. To learn more about online casino gambling as well as to try some of the best ones out there, make sure to check out

1. Slot Machines


Surprise, surprise, it turns out that the good old slot is arguably the hardest online casino game to beat. Just like in regular casino scenarios where you are pulling a lever and watching the rails spin in front of you, at an online casino all you need to do is press a button. The rails will roll, show you symbols, and in 99.99% of situations tell you that you have not won a thing. That is why slot machines live in infamy and why the original slots were called one-armed bandits.

The chances to beat an online slot is minimal, and even if they have good player return rates it takes hundreds of spins before they pay up the smallest of jackpots. The most highly volatile slots will basically never pay their huge jackpot. All in all, playing slots should be done for fun and not in an effort to make it big while gambling. Luck controls everything and you cannot get better at them, only more desperate. Prevent this by playing them strictly for fun and you will be satisfied with your online slot experience.

2. Video Poker


The difference between video poker and regular poker in a brick-and-mortar casino is easy to tell. Real poker is played at tables with live players, video poker is played on machines similar to slots. Video poker can be harder to beat because of the algorithm at play and you can always count on your experience, skill, and the other players’ mistakes when playing at a table. In an online casino environment, however, it matters little what type of poker you play unless it is a live table with actual people on the other side.

Any other online poker is basically video poker turned up to eleven, meaning there is much less chance to win money from it. There is a great deal of luck involved in these games and the algorithms almost never favor the player(s). They are similar to slots, and the weirder they are and the more gameplay elements or features they have, the more they are oriented towards fun and good times and not actual gambling. If you like poker and this classic card game is your cup of team, stick to live tables where you can employ your tactics, experience, and skills. Leave online video pokers for when you want to kick back and relax a bit.

3. Roulette


Now, to say roulette is among the hardest gambling games to beat overall would not actually be true, especially considering the fact that you can always place almost 50/50 bets. Picking either a black number or a red number gives you just under a 50% chance of winning, and this is the most common roulette bet to make. However, this is all true for regular roulette tables at your local establishments. When it comes to online poker, you are up against software, and gambling software is controlled by algorithms that are usually all about RNG. This stands for random number generator and it is the approach that many forms of gambling entertainment and award systems use.

The slots have them, video poker has them, online video games have them, and online casino roulette has them. There are no rules and there is no logic here. Any number can be picked, even in a sequence, and there is nothing you can do about it. Online roulette is harder than regular roulette because there is no live croupier to balance out the luck and skill. Roulette is a unique gambling game where luck and skill mesh together well. It is not all about luck like slots, nor mostly about a skill like a poker. But again, there is less chance to win at online roulette than with a regular, physical one.

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