FontPage Tips and Tricks

Text Change on Mouse-Over

This is a great effect to add to your Web page.

How about some text that changes as visitors scroll over it on the page? Sound like fun?

  1. First, highlight the text that you want to have change in appearance.

  2. Now, choose Format, Dynamic HTML Effects.

  3. The DHTML Effects toolbar will appear on the screen. It walks you through the process of adding the effect. You’ll see that it starts with the word “On.”

  4. Click the first pull-down arrow, and you’ll see a list of different events.

  5. Highlight Mouse Over, which means that when visitors scroll their mouse over the text, it will change in appearance. Once you click Mouse Over, the next task will appear on the DHTML toolbar.

  6. This time, you’ll need to apply an effect. Click on the pull-down arrow and select Formatting. (You’ll notice that it’s your only choice.)

  7. Next, you’ll be asked to choose settings. Since you want to change the way the font looks when someone scrolls over the words, click Choose Font. (Alternatively, if you want to create some kind of border around the words as someone scrolls by, click Choose Border.)

  8. In the Font dialog box, select the new look you want for your text once someone scrolls over it. If you just want the text to turn bold, simply select Bold. You can also change font style, size, and color if you want.

  9. When you’re done, click OK.

  10. To test your new settings, you’ll need to view the page in Preview mode.

  11. Check for the Preview tab on the lower-left side of the page. When you click this tab, you’ll be viewing the page as a visitor would.

  12. Scroll your mouse over the text in question, and voila, you’ll see it change before your eyes!

Now is that cool or what? And you did all on your own too!

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