Frontpage Tips and Tricks, How You Name Your Pages Is Important

How You Name Your Pages Is Important!

Say you’re in the Navigation view of FrontPage and you just added a bunch of different pages to create that all-important outline. The only problem is that the pages have non-descriptive names like new_page_1.htm and new_page_2.htm. Okay, so how do you change them?

  • To change a name, click on the name once. Now click it again so the name is highlighted. (That’s not a mistake. You don’t want to double-click–instead of highlighting the name, double-clicking will open the new page so you can edit it.)
  • Once the name is highlighted, you can change new_page_1.htm to something more enlightening, like Favorite Restaurants.

If you have a lot of pages, here’s a good tip:

  • When you’ve finished typing in the name of one page, simply use your Tab key to highlight the name of the next page.
  • Once you rename those pages in your Navigation view, you might think you’re done, right? You look over at the Folder List, only to see that your pages still have those useless original names, new_page_1.htm, new_page_2.htm, and so on.
  • You know you renamed them already, but which did you rename to what?
  • Can’t remember?
    • Go to a name in the Folder List and right-click. A pop-up menu will appear, and the first item on the list should help you solve your problem.
    • Choose Find In Navigation, and the corresponding page will instantly be highlighted. Now, go back to the page in the Folder List and change it so that it matches the new name in the Navigation view.
  • What a pain, right? Once you add a page in the Navigation view, you have to rename it and then rename the same page in the Folder List.
  • Here’s a sneaky little shortcut:
    • Add the page in the Navigation view and rename it there right away.
    • Now, double-click on that page to open it.
    • Jump back to the Navigation view and take a look in the Folder List.
    • What do you see? Your new page, with its new name, and it’s listed correctly in the Folder List, without you having to make any additional changes.
    • And that’s a good thing.

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