Adding Links to the Home Page

If you have files you create, edit, and publish in non-HTML format, use the publishing wizard to place a read-only copy of the file in the Webpub folder and let the wizard automatically add a link to your home page. However, if you have HTML files you are working on that are only used on your web site, you can place these files in the home directory, or a subdirectory of the home directory and edit them there. You can use the home page wizard to add the links to these files on your home page.

To add links to the home page

  1. In Personal Web Manager, click the Web Site icon on the sidebar.
  2. Click the Edit your home page link to open the home page wizard.
  3. Scroll down to the links section and type the URL to the document in the URL box, and a short description of the document in the Description box. (The description appears as a hyperlink on the home page. The URL is not displayed.)

    Note   You can add links to other sites on your network or the Internet (assuming your network has an Internet connection), but you cannot publish files that reside on other computers across the network.

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