Frontpage Tips and Tricks, Page Descriptions are Very Important

Creating Accurate Page Descriptions is Very Important!

When you are out on the Internet, there are lots of signposts to help you figure out where you are. Obviously, there’s the address of the site you’re visiting. But, just as important, there is the page title. That’s the title of the page that you’ll see at the very top of your browser.

When you create a page, it’s important that you give it a solid, descriptive title. Keep in mind that this isn’t only important to help orient your viewers and help them figure out where they are; it’s also important for search engines. A lot of search engines use your page title to help them determine the content of your page.

To insert or change the title of your page, just follow these steps:

  • First, select File, Save As.
  • In the Save As dialog box, look for the line called Page Title.
  • Click the Change button to the right of Page Title.
  • Now, a Set Page Title dialog box will appear. You can change the page title here.
  • Be sure to make it something descriptive, but keep it fairly short.
  • When you’re done, click OK, then click Save to exit all the dialog boxes.

Note that you won’t see the title of your page until you preview the page in your browser. 

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