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File Splitting Utility by
Max Bylesjö

Many times we are confronted with those situations where we need to move a large file, such as a large executible, onto another machine and there’s no immediate method to do so. As an example, let’s say you had a large driver file that was 3MB. It doesn’t fit onto a floppy and if you don’t have a zip drive in both machines, or a CD-Rom burner, you out of luck. MaxSplitter makes this easy.

Latest Version: 1.3

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2000

Download: MaxSplitter (From the writer) From our site: MaxSplitter

Download Size:223 Kb

Main features:

MaxSplitter splits a file into several pieces. You can choose whether to split the file into a specific number of pieces, or make every piece a specific size. MaxSplitter comes with 6 pre-defined sizes, among these are the 2 common disk sizes: 720 Kb and 1.44 Kb. If you want to wipe the disk clean before you start copying the file(s), it’s only a click away. And if you don’t want to be prompted to change disks (i.e. you want to split a file onto your hard drive), that is easy to change as well. The recently split file can automatically be deleted.

It is equally easy to merge a files that have been recently split with MaxSplitter. Maxsplitter has the ability to create a batch (.BAT) file so that you can rejoin the files without even having the original program! Using MaxSplitter is simple. Imagine that you have split the file MyFile.exe into three pieces. In Windows Explorer, double-click on the file named MyFile.MXS (should be stored in the first disk if you split the original file to floppy). Now MaxSplitter starts, and the program provides you with information such as the file’s original filename (MyFile.exe), the file size of the original file and the number of pieces that you split it into, as in this case, 3. Choose a Output directory where the merged file should be stored, and click ‘Merge Files’. You can also open the .MXS file from within MaxSplitter instead of Windows Explorer.

Version History:

  • Create batch files
  • Delete file after split/merge
  • Layout improvements
  • Bugfixes


  • Register file format and open from Windows Explorer.


  • Now features the ability to Wipe disk automatically before copying.
  • Additional bugfixes and small improvements.


  • Added tabs to quickly flip between split/merge.

Screen Shots:

The Split tab. Choose a file to split, where it should be stored and how many pieces.

The Merge Tab. Choose the splitted file identifier (.MXS file) and a output directory.

The about tab. Program information, partially from the file Readme.txt in the MaxSplitter directory

This a copyrighted product of ©2000 Max Bylesjö. All Rights Reserved.

This page updated: 10/16/2000

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