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Directory Lister

Regardless of which version of Windows you are using, when you find that you have a need to manage files and create and adequate list of all of the files in a given directory, a simple task can turn into a chore. We frequently need to examine our lists of drivers for customers to insure that they are the latest, and sitting at a screen going through one at a time can be a pain. How about Website management for a large site? Have you ever tried to just make a simple list of all of the files for the Website without having to rewrite history to do it?

Directory Lister lets you list all the files you have in selected directories on your hard disk, CD-Rom, floppy and wherever else you want, and it’s a freeware program to boot!

You can:

  • Choose which items you want to list – subdirectories, size, date, time, attributes
  • Choose the width of these fields.
  • Choose which directories you want to include.

Version 0.2 Released 3 November 2000

Supported Operating Systems:

Directory Lister works on Windows 95/98/Me and NT/2000 systems. It does not make any changes to the registry nor to any “INI” file. The only result of its work is the chosen file (“c:\listing.txt” by default).

Here is the screenshot from the 0.2 version.

Directory Lister comes with its own installer / uninstaller program, so there should be no problems with it.

Download Directory Lister v0.2 – Server 1 (w/ the Installer/Uninstaller – 464 kb)

Download Directory Lister v0.2 – Server 2 (w/ the Installer/Uninstaller – 464 kb)

The following versions are in zipped format without the installer/uninstaller. All you need to do is unzip it to a folder of your choice, create a shortcut and run it.

Download Directory Lister v0.2 – Server 1 (zip – 206 kb)

Download Directory Lister v0.2 – Server 2 (zip – 206 kb)

Directory Lister is a copyrighted product of Leszek Skorczyński.

This page updated: 01/16/2001

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