Windows 98 Registry Fixes For The Most Common Problems

Windows 98 Registry Fixes

For The Most Common Problems

Over the last couple of years we have seen the same problems crop up with our customers while using Windows 95 and Windows 98, “View as a Thumbnail” no longer works in Windows Explorer, Shortcuts become damaged, Task Scheduler stops running or runs with errors, or “New” is missing when the user right clicks on the desktop or Cut and Paste doesn’t function any longer. Some of our customers that have chosen to move over to Netscape now wonder how they can clear Netscape’s cache, cookies and history files.

Hopefully the following small fixes and files will help you through these issues: Windows 95 only! For some reason in Windows 95, the auto-dial feature for the Dial_Up Connectoid is often lost. This little fix will help you. Right click on the REG file and place the DLL file in the Windows\System folder. Lost your ability to cut and paste in Windows? Download and unzip this handy file and follow the instructions. Ever wanted to change the name of the registered owner of Windows 95? This little program will do that for you. Note: This has not been tested on Windows 98! Have had your desktop and other icons go crazy? For those of you that don’t want to use the Windows Tweak UI utility, try this little fix. Just follow the instructions. For some bewildering reason, every now and then the “New” menu choice from the right click menu will be missing. This small registry fix will handle it for you. (Unless there’s more wrong than just the need for a correct entry!) If your registry association for INF files has become corrupt, right-clicking INFs and selecting “Install” won’t work anymore. This small .REG file will correct this error under Windows 9x. With all of the new picture viewing utilities and programs users are trying on their computers, often the ability to preview thumbnails of pictures in Windows Explorer is disabled. This is sometimes caused by damage or corruption to the Windows registry itself. If this has ever happened to you, this small file will fix it without all of the laborious manual file changes. Had enough of the Program.exe error? Here’s the fix that should resolve it for you. Many times a screensaver entry in the registry will become corrupt and play havoc with with your screen savers. This little file will restore your registry to the necessary settings. Ever wanted to add more functionality to your “Send To” Menu? This small zip file adds an updated DLL files as well as a small INF file to do just that. Just download the zip file and unzip. Now locate the two files and “Right Click” on the INF file and choose Install. From time to time the option to create a New shortcut from the menu that appears when you right click on the desktop is inexplicably missing. This small file will make the repair for you. Task Scheduler not working? It may be due to some file corruption or an error in the Windows registry. This small REG file should fix it. Ever wanted to add an icon to your taskbar for a program or utility and couldn’t figure out just how to do it. This little program will help you do just that. One of the original Windows 95 Power Tools. Tweak UI for Windows 98 only – Don’t use on Windows 95!
Tweakui_NT Tweak UI for Windows NT and early versions of Windows 95.
Tweak UI (new version) This is the latest version of Tweak UI. It can be used in Windows 95, Windows 98 and SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Moved over to Netscape and now you’re wondering how you can clear Netscape’s cache, cookies and history files. This little program will do that for you!
ISP_Dialup_Backup Have you ever had to format and re-install Windows 9x only to realize that you lost all of your ISP Dial-up information? There is a way to backup the information for an easy re-install later. Just click on the file to the left, it’s in printable format!
You may also want to visit our “Managing Windows 95, 98 and NT” Section!

As soon as we can locate or develop more registry fixes, we will be posting them here!

This page updated: 8/14/2000

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