Creating a Windows 95 System Boot Disk

Building a Windows 95 Startup Disk

NOTE: You may be prompted for the Windows 95 diskette or CD-ROM.

Insert diskette #1 or the CD-ROM.

  1. Click the ‘Start’ button to display the ‘Start’ menu.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ and select ‘Control Panel’. (The ‘Control Panel’ window appears.)
  3. Double-click the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ icon. (The ‘Add/Remove Programs Properties’ dialog box appears.)
  4. Click the ‘Startup disk’ tab.
  5. Click ‘Create Disk…’ to create a startup disk.
  6. The following files are copied onto the Startup diskette by Windows 95:
    Filename Description
    ATTRIB.EXE File Attribute utility
    COMMAND.COM Core operating system file
    DRVSPACE.BIN Disk compression utility
    EBD.SYS Utility for the startup disk
    EDIT.COM Text editor
    FDISK.EXE Disk Partition utility
    FORMAT.COM Disk Format utility
    IO.SYS Core operating system file
    MSD.EXE Microsoft Diagnostics
    MSDOS.SYS Core operating system file
    REGEDIT.EXE Registry Editor
    SCANDISK.EXE Disk Status and Repair utility
    SCANDISK.INI Disk Status utility configuration file
    SYS.COM System Transfer utility

  7. Manually copy the following files onto the startup diskette: SYSTEM.DAT CONFIG.SYS AUTOEXEC.BAT WIN.INI


The disk is now fully bootable with all of the necessary tools.

Note: If, for any reason, you cannot make a bootable floppy disk, you can download all of the necessary files and save them to a floppy. Just follow this link to our Boot Disk page.

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