stacks MS-DOS Command

Type: Internal (3.2 and later)


STACKS STACKS=(number),(size)

Purpose: Used in the CONFIG.SYS file to set the number of stack frames and the size of each stack frame.


One stack is required whenever DOS receives a hardware interrupt from a device. The information DOS needs to resume the interrupted task is stored in these stacks. The STACKS command allows you to specify the number and size of stacks available. If you r computer system is an 8088 or 8086-based computer the default value for number and size is 0. The default value for all other PCs is 9.


number Specifies the number of stacks (0 or 8 to 64) that are to be set aside for hardware interrupts.

size Specifies the size (0 or 32 to 512 bytes) of each stack that is to be set aside for hardware interrupts. You can only specify a size of 0 if you also specify 0 for the number of stacks.


To create 6 stacks with 512 bytes each, enter the following line in your CONFIG.SYS file:


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