Upgrading from the Windows 2000 Evaluation Version

Windows® 2000

Upgrading from the Evaluation Version

Microsoft has released a utility that will enable those who have loaded the evaluation version of Windows 2000 to upgrade to the full released version.

Read Me First

You may download this utility if you have installed the Windows 2000 Evaluation Edition and want to upgrade it to the full version of the code using the Windows 2000 Upgrade CD. To successfully complete the upgrade, you will need to have a valid qualifying Windows CD such as Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0.

If you are trying to upgrade using the standard (non-upgrade) Windows 2000 CD, you do not need this download. You can successfully upgrade the Evaluation Edition with a standard Windows 2000 CD.

Upgrade Limitations on Evaluation Editions of Windows 2000

Windows 2000 products ship with one of two types of media: Compliance Checking Upgrades or Full. Customers with media containing the Full code can upgrade their Evaluation installations; customers with media containing Compliance Checking Upgrades need to read further.

Retail SKUs Description Qualifying Upgrade Paths
(If Upgrade)
Compliance-Checking Upgrades
B23-00082 Windows 2000 Professional Version/Product Upgrade Windows 95, 98
Windows NT Workstation 4.0/3.51
C11-00027 C11-00028


Windows 2000 Server Version Upgrade (5, 10, 25 CAL bundles) Windows NT Server 4.0 or 3.51
Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition
C10-00015 Windows 2000 Advanced Server Version Upgrade w/25 CALs Windows NT Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition
Full Product Code
B23-00079 Windows 2000 Professional N/A
C11-00016 C11-00018


Windows 2000 Server 5, 10, 25 CALs N/A
C10-00010 Windows 2000 Advanced Server N/A

Compliance Checking Upgrade media are used for Upgrade SKUs (Stock-keeping units) and will test the machine for a qualifying prior version installation before commencing the Windows 2000 installation. For example, Windows 2000 Professional’s Version/Product Upgrade media checks a machine for a prior installation of Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT Workstation 4.0/3.51.

Full media, used in Standard non-upgrade Windows 2000 SKUs, do not perform compliance checks, but will provide options to upgrade certain prior installations so that users can maintain their previous settings. For example, Windows 2000 Professional’s non-upgrade SKU will not perform a compliance check, but will offer to upgrade a Windows NT Workstation 4.0 installation.

Of these two media types, only Full Windows 2000 media will upgrade the evaluation installation and will eliminate the time-bombed Evaluation Edition. A Compliance Checking upgrade of Windows 2000 will not pass the evaluation edition SKU.

In the event you do install the Evaluation Edition software and then wish to install the Compliance checking code, you can do one of the following:

  • The Windows 2000 Evaluation Edition Upgrade utility (English version) can be downloaded from either Our Server or Directly from Microsoft (The Microsoft site provides other language versions). This utility will verify that the existence of a prior qualifying OS and then will prepare the Evaluation Edition installation for upgrading using the Compliance Checking Upgrade software. Please note: Those of you who have CDs containing Windows 2000 Full media do not need to download this utility—your software will upgrade Evaluation installations.

  • Perform a clean install with the Compliance checking code and supply the qualifying media during the installation.

  • Call Microsoft Product Support. Support engineers will verify that you have purchased Windows 2000 upgrade media and have a copy of a qualifying prior product; then they will send you a copy of Windows 2000 code that will enable the Evaluation install to get upgraded.

How to download and install

Downloading from our server:

  1. Select to download from Our Server above.
  2. When the File Download dialog box appears, select to save it to disk.
  3. After downloading, open explorer and locate appupd.exe and click on it to run it

Download from Microsoft:

  1. Select your language from the drop down list at the top of the page and click Next.
  2. Click Download Now.
  3. When the File Download dialog box appears, select Run this program from its current location

You can also visit the Microsoft Windows 2000 Evaluation Utility website for more information.

How to use the Windows 2000 Evaluation Upgrade Utility

After running the installation, you will be able to initiate an upgrade using the Windows 2000 Upgrade CD. To perform the upgrade, insert your Windows 2000 Upgrade CD and then follow the instructions on the Evaluation Upgrade Wizard. You will need your previous Windows CD (Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT) to complete the wizard.

There are no un-installation procedures for this utility.


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