best mattress to sleep
best mattress to sleep

What is the Best Mattress to Rest? Things to Keep in Mind

Rest is essential to regain strength with a good night’s sleep and thus maintain our physical and mental health . For it to be complete and effective, it is necessary to have a series of variables: comfort, a good environment, and an adequate base for rest. Another factor that must be taken into account is which is the best mattress to rest well.

Years ago, the wool mattress, in the English style, was left behind, which was what our grandparents called a type of mattress made with a wool interior. This wool was compartmentalized by ribbons, which made the filling not change so much place. But there were also those without ribbons, which the grandmothers constantly shook and cupped. At that time there was no variety that could answer the question of what are the best mattresses to sleep better.

What should a mattress have to be able to rest well?

Today, there is so much variety, that when it comes to changing your mattress there is a huge dilemma. Hitting as many possibilities as the market offers us is not easy. And with it, the process of finding the best cheap crib mattress to sleep among so many offers.

Therefore, in Morfeo Mattress we are going to explain all the possibilities and characteristics of the different types of mattresses. So, in view of your needs, you really know what type of mattress to buy, depending on your particular tastes. We have also based on the latest study of rest carried out by the OCU, where our mattress participates.

The best mattress in the world is one that adapts to all personal factors in the most correct way. Such as weight, posture, or temperature, among others. Offering adequate resistance to the passage of time, always under the characteristics of correct treatment.

A good way to find out which is the best mattress to rest on is to ask yourself how you like to sleep.

How to know which is the best mattress to rest on? Requirements

When choosing the best mattress, a series of requirements must be taken into account:

1. According to the way you sleep

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  • If you like to sleep normally on your back and on your back, the recommended mattresses are those that have a certain hardness.
  • If, on the other hand, you have the habit of sleeping on your side or in a fetal position, you will need less hardness. Instead of choosing firm mattresses, so that the shoulders are adapted in a comfortable position that induces sleep.

2. Depending on the weight

  • Depending on your weight, you will need a good mattress that meets certain firmness characteristics . In such a way that if you are overweight, you should choose that mattress that does not produce a feeling of entrapment at bedtime. And also, that it recovers after use every day.
  • If your weight is light, you will need one of those soft mattresses, which adapt better to your back and the rest of your body.

3. If you move a lot when sleeping

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  • For people who move around a lot during the night, it is more advisable to buy a hard mattress  best crib mattress under $100
  • The softer the mattress, the more effort it takes to turn, as it is embedded in it, which will not achieve a complete rest.

4. Types of mattresses

The material with which the different types of mattresses are made is also very important. Above all, when it comes to having the appropriate perspiration needs. The usual climate of the place where you live, and your tendency to sweat, should be taken into account.

  • In this sense, there are kinds of mattresses such as foam and latex, they are not very recommended for people who are very hot or who sweat easily.
  • In that case, you should choose spring mattresses that are cooler and facilitate more air circulation naturally.

5. The best mattress to rest as a couple

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  • When sleeping with your partner, to avoid feeling the movements that each person makes and the difference in weights, you can use a mattress with the normal block system.  This system contains central reinforcements that cushion the different pressures on the surface.
  • Another option is to choose models of joined mattresses of the same dimensions. In this way, each one of them will be chosen according to the most suitable properties for each of the people.
  • But if what you need is space to sleep comfortably, you need large mattresses that allow you to achieve that comfort when sleeping.

6. The thickness of the mattress

  • As for the thickness, the best thing in mattresses is to opt for models with a thickness greater than 20 cm. high, because greater durability of the mattress is achieved, by having a greater number of layers, taking into account that after a good choice you will want your mattress to last as long as possible.

7. The base for the mattress

  • When the base is articulated, you have to choose special mattresses flexible enough to bend and adapt to changes in its position, so you inevitably have to buy a latex or foam mattress.

8. What are the best mattresses to rest on according to their material?

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– Spring mattresses

Three types stand out: continuous springs, pocket springs, and independent springs. The mattress’s continuous docks have a network from a single wire, which is coated by different tissue layers.

Those with biconical springs are made up of multiple independent sheathed springs. Being narrower in the center and are usually covered by different materials, which give them benefits similar to those offered by latex and foam. In terms of price, continuous spring mattresses are usually cheaper than pocket spring ones.

– Latex mattresses.

Made from rubber mixed with other materials.  They have a perforated core, which allows perspiration. You can find models of natural latex and synthetic latex. This type of material presents firm support.

They allow the adaptation of the body contour with distribution according to pressure and weight, so they are suitable for people with a lot of mobility in bed. And when choosing double mattresses. They are also ideal for people with allergies to dust and mites. But they are not suitable for those allergic to this type of material. They are effective against cold due to their ability to store heat.

The drawbacks we found: the weight of the mattress, which makes it unwieldy; perspiration can generate moisture; and its price since it is much higher than a spring or foam mattress.

– Viscoelastic mattress.

This material is mainly used in padding. Since, it allows a perfect adaptation of the body, without generating the sensation of being trapped inside the mattresses. The feeling of discomfort and tension in prominent body points, such as the shoulders and hips when we are in a lateral position, is also eliminated.

Eliminate the sounds and movements of the double mattress, to get the best rest. In this type of mattress, density is very important. The higher it is, the better it provides for rest, comfort, and duration. Being of high density when it exceeds 50 kg per cubic meter, and the lowest when it is around 20 kg per cubic meter.

The viscoelastic material adapts to the temperature of our body, and acts by softening against heat, and hardening against cold. As memory foam is  a material used mainly to cover the outer layers of mattresses, these can have different types of core, such as springs or foam. To use as a daily bed, do not choose your mattress with a very low density.

As for the price, they are usually cheaper than latex mattresses, and their amount also depends on the models and types of core they present. The viscoelastic foam is a material that is used primarily in the upper layers of the mattress to provide that degree of comfort as pleasant.

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