Georgina Amoros
Georgina Amoros

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Georgina Amoros is a Spanish actress, who became famous for her work in television projects and feature films. Thanks to her employment in the popular TV series Elite, Georgina gained weight in cinematic circles and entered the international arena. Now the artist receives invitations to shoot not only in Spanish projects.

Childhood and youth

Georgina was born in Barcelona on April 30, 1998. According to her zodiac sign, the actress is Taurus. Together with her sister, she was brought up in an ordinary Spanish family. The parents helped their daughters get a good education.


Today Amoros knows 4 languages: French, Spanish, Catalan and English. Already at school, the future performer showed interest in working on stage. The girl was involved in creative projects and performances.

After receiving her secondary education, the graduate left for Los Angeles to start training in the area of ​​interest and become a professional actress.

Personal life

Georgina has long been a dark horse for the press with regard to her personal life. But now Amoros’ heart is not free. Diego Betancor, the producer of the TV series “Elite”, became her chosen one. In a personal account on Instagram , the performer publishes a photo of her lover.

The profile of the actress reflects her everyday life and hobbies. Georgina, as befits at a young age, loves travel, often spends time with friends and, by her own admission, cannot live without the sea.

Georgina Amoros is a feminist. The performer supports the rights of the LGBT community.

On the artist’s page, pictures periodically appear in a swimsuit, in which she demonstrates an ideal figure. The girl is 160 cm tall and weighs 54 kg.


The creative biography of the performer started back in 2000, but the episodic roles did not bring Amoros success. In 2014, Georgina worked on the set of the Velvet Gallery project, and a year later she appeared in the frame of the television series Aguila Roya and Under Suspicion. From 2015 to 2019, the Spaniard was involved in the creation of the multi-part television project “Vis-a-vis”, in which she got a supporting image.

In 2016, the actress received an offer from the producers of the Six Sisters project. Gradually, the filmography of the performer was replenished with secondary characters, among which were the characters of the films “For Your Good” and “Tini: Violetta’s New Life”. In the series “Welcome to the Family” Georgina got the main role for the first time.

Amoros’s finest hour fell in 2019. The artist became a member of the creative team of the Elite series. Her character’s name was Alexa. Georgina’s partners on the set were Alvaro Rico , Miguel Bernardo and Aron Piper . The performer’s heroine appeared in the 2nd season of the TV project. The Spanish woman turned out to be so successful in the role of Cayetana that she gained fans not only in her native country, but also abroad.

In the story, the character Amoros is a new student of a prestigious school for children of wealthy parents. The heroine’s secret is that she only pretends to live a perfect life. In reality, her father is a local cleaner. The girl helps her mother in her work and falls in love with one of the students of the lyceum for young rich people.

Georgina Amoros now

In 2019, the Spaniard successfully passed the casting to take part in the filming of the film “Rifkin Festival”. The project was directed by Woody Allen , which was an additional reason for seeking an appointment for the role. The project became the first film in which Georgina conducted dialogues in English. The premiere of the tape in Spain took place in September 2024. The presentation of the painting for the Russian audience was scheduled for December of the same year.

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