Technical Support

Technical Support and Help

We are in the process of completely redesigning the Technical Support and User Help sections of our Web site. Please be patient with us during this redesign period, as the changes that are being phased in over several stages will make your navigation easier than ever before!

Some of the changes that we have planned are:

  • Specialized technical assistance tailored to your specific computer system.

  • A special download area for hardware related drivers which we have tested (and yes, including beta versions) for components that are in your computer.

  • Downloads for some of the best tools and programs available, and most are free.

  • A “Hot Site” with URL’s to special operating system changes and other system updates.

  • An entirely free access area for some of the more popular tips and tricks relating to the Windows 95/98 and Windows 2000 operating systems.

  • A Windows style menu system.

  • A special password protected area for our hardware and service contract customers.

If you would like a peek at our technical pages in progress, then click on this link.

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