Yokohama Avid Ascend GT- 2024 Review

Are you a proud Yokohama owner? Are you a car fanatic in general? Yokohama is known for its production of excellent tires at top-quality and amazing speed, performance, as well as price. They have great reviews, their quality is amazing, and they can be used on any & every road. Every driver will feel confident with the use of their tires, and they will know how to hit the road while improving the fuel mileage due to their lower rolling resistance feature. Keep on reading and figure out what are some other pros when it comes to the Yokohama tires, especially the Ascend GT.

At you can find loads of reviews on this model.

To begin with, what are the pros & cons?

  • You will enjoy its excellent grip
  • Ideal cornering grip
  • Perfect for dry weather
  • Comfy ride
  • Quite cheap

The only downside is that you will often see better warranties with other manufacturers.

Top 9 facts to know about the Yokohama Avid Ascent GT


1. What is there to know about Yokohama Avid Ascent GT?

You can find different technology kinds and aspects when looking at Yokohama tires. Most people prefer and love the orange oil technology, the triblend technology, as well as bluEarth features.

What are they?

The orange peel is unique since it uses a special approach to improve the bond that binds several types of rubber for overall better fuel efficiency.

TriBelend uses silica content to help with different road conditions, as well as dry and slippery roads.

BluEarth is in charge of reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

When combined, the car will perform at its optimal and outstanding level.

2. What about tread wear and durability?

You will appreciate maintenance indicators with Avid Ascend. This tire has an amazing warranty for up to five years of your use, and it can easily withstand 65,000 miles once you hit the road. With Yokohoma you will also get the replacement for the first year of use, along with the 30-day test drive, perfect for a free trial period!

3. Its performance and dry traction

The Avid Ascend might not be the best or most common sporty tire, but it offers practicality for most drivers. If you do own a sportscar you will want to pass onto this model. On the other hand, if you own a sedan, minivan, or coupe you can easily use them. It is a responsive tire that you will enjoy for longer or shorter trips & destinations.

The Avid Ascend is a good choice for cold weather, with little and minimum loss of traction or grip.


4. Wet traction

According to most experts & mechanics, these tires are the best go-to for wet traction & wet conditions. The slippery road is not an issue of any cars with this tire model. You can operate it through wet puddles with ease, and not lose control (as long as you’re not speeding or going over recommended limits).

5. Snow traction & breaking feature

This model might not be the best choice for snowy surfaces, as well as low temperatures and loads of ice. Light or heavy snow can be tricky to maneuver with them, as you’d expect with any tire model. Overall its breaks are well-made and trustworthy + you won’t feel like you’re in danger when handling regular surfaces. Its breaking feature is one of the best ones that you will encounter.

6. Comfort & noise features

The Avid tires are high-quality and they will not make loud noise or distraction for the driver or the passenger. The flow is even all throughout the ride, and you will enjoy the ride at every time no matter how fast you end up going. No squeaky or loud noise.

7. You will enjoy its smooth handling

Handling it with ease and comfort is possible. This is because these tires have the quick steering feature. You will operate and maneuver these with ease + they can stay smooth even when you’re driving 70 miles per hour. Perfect for most drivers while providing them with comfort. You won’t feel scared or like you’re in wrong hands when operating these tires.

8. The tread pattern is impressive

The Yokohama Avid Ascend GT is structured in such a stunning and proper way that its asymmetric tread patterns will impress you. You will also enjoy the steady connection that it offers. Its tread pattern will allow you to move on the road and get going due to its tire pattern that has wide and asymmetrical prints. It also has the open shoulders feature that will get the water out. There is a complete nylon cover for your speed and durability.


9. What about its overall specifications

It is a gorgeous tire that ranges in sizes from 15-20 inches, depending on your vehicle and model that you drive. You can easily find your perfect fit and your tire model. It is not too pricey either, and you can get it working and have it compatible with loads of different car models. Some of them are:
Acura TSX
Audi A4
Audi TT
BMW 3 Series
BMW 5 Series
Jeep Compass
Ford Focus
Ford Flex
Ford Fusion
Honda Accord
Honda Civic
Mazda 2, 3, 5, 6
Toyota Camry

and many more! Both men & women will easily get used to this tire + will enjoy its specifications with their car model.

Want to know even more about it?

In the end, you can clearly see that this tire is an absolute must-have! It is a clear winner and a premium quality solution for loads of different cars & models, and it has way more pros than cons to it. Are you interested in finding a bit more about it? You will also enjoy their comparison, as well as a detailed article on different tire models that you can go for. There are loads of different articles that will help you make up your mind, and make your final purchase, just give them a go!

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