Important Things to Keep in Mind When Shipping a Car

If you’re shipping your car, there are some key considerations you should keep in mind. First and foremost, ensure your transporter possesses a valid motor carrier number for interstate shipping.

Submit the locations for pickup and delivery and use an online calculator to generate instant quotes, where available. Keep in mind that distance is one of the primary determinants in pricing decisions.

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Cost of car shipping depends on a variety of factors. Distance, pickup/delivery location and size all play an integral role.

Longer routes typically cost more than shorter ones but the price per mile drops with increasing distance. Vehicle size also plays a factor; larger cars typically require more space on carriers which leads to increased shipping expenses; exotic and luxury cars are often more costly to ship than regular cars. You can visit this site for more information about exotic cars.

Time of year also plays a factor in car transportation costs. Summer months see an increased demand for auto transportation services and this can drive up costs significantly. To avoid paying exorbitant rates for your transport needs, book in advance.

Reputable car transport companies will have customer reviews available online to assist in making an informed decision. When positive customer reviews appear online for any auto transport company, that should be taken as an indicator that they offer quality service at an affordable cost.

If you have questions about a company’s pricing structure, feel free to get in touch directly and ask about it – legitimate auto shipping firms won’t charge hidden fees or overcharge for extra services; rather they should offer an itemized cost breakdown so that there are no surprises later on when shipping your vehicle!



Time frames associated with shipping cars depend on several factors, including distance between pick-up and delivery locations as well as how many stops the carrier needs to make at each. When shipping locally, quicker shipments are completed.

It is possible to schedule a shipment with a short turnaround time. Finding a reputable auto shipping company like Roadrunner best car shipping company is essential for quick deliveries. Many websites provide calculators where users can enter some basic info to generate instant quotes instantly.

Season plays an integral part in shipping times; peak times such as those occurring between late spring and early fall will cost more, yet shorten transit time due to more vehicles being transported at once.

Conditions such as snow and rain will influence how long it takes to ship your car, with these factors slowing truck drivers and increasing transit time.

Consider the speed and reputation of potential car shipping companies when selecting one for you. The top car transport services will have fast response times and assign you one person who will oversee the process from start to finish.


When estimating how long it will take to ship your car, take into account both distance and route factors. Shipping from New York to California would likely go faster than other comparable routes due to both cities being metropolitan areas close to major highways.

Route also plays a part as car carriers prefer taking established paths since this saves both time and fuel whereas rural or far off routes may prove more challenging and increase car shipping costs accordingly.

Weather conditions also play a key role in pick-up and delivery times. Heavy rain or snow may force drivers to use extra caution, extending shipping times. Traffic jams or road closures could further add delays; thus it is wise to keep this in mind when selecting a car shipping company.

Make sure to select a reliable auto transport company with an excellent reputation by reading customer reviews on third-party review websites such as Trustpilot or Yelp.

Also consider companies with high Better Business Bureau ratings who have provided quality service in the past; some even provide an online tool allowing users to enter vehicle info instantly and receive instant quotes!



Car shipping companies typically offer insurance as an extra layer of protection for their customers against damage during car transport. While chances are low of your vehicle becoming damaged during this process, having this insurance can provide peace of mind and alleviate worries during transport.

A reputable company should readily supply proof of their policy as well as be more than willing to answer any inquiries regarding it; any company who hesitates or appears unwilling should be eliminated from your list of possible carriers.

Some auto transport companies will include the cost of insurance into their total price, while others may charge an extra fee for it. Whatever company you hire, it is essential that you thoroughly research their insurance policies prior to signing a contract and determine whether door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal services are offered and whether deposits may be required before commencing with shipment.

If your vehicle was damaged during transportation, filing a claim with the carrier should cover most damages; if not, additional third-party coverage might be beneficial; broker companies offer this as they act as middlemen between carriers and customers.

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