UTV Care 101 ─ How To Save Money On Spare Parts And Repairs

Buying the UTV is one of the best decisions if you prefer off-road adventures. The main reason is that this vehicle can easily get over challenging terrains. The first step after buying it is to learn more about the safety and essentials. The most important things to always carry in your vehicle are the spare tire, first aid, multi-tool kit, winch, and more. Also, it is crucial to keep it in good condition.

Maintaining your utility-truck vehicle can be expensive, especially if dealing with more serious issues. Thankfully, you will find some cost-effective solutions that will be good enough to help you take care of them.

For example, you can choose a well-known and affordable spare parts dealership like Can am UTV parts. There are also some other methods, and we will introduce them to you in the following article.

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Proper Maintenance


The easiest way to prevent numerous costs from emerging is to take care of your UTV. We cannot stress enough how big of a problem the lack of maintenance can be. Many drivers will ignore these issues for no good reason, leading to numerous issues. We are discussing different parts, especially air filters, spark plugs, and fuel injectors.

These parts can be compromised by grime, dirt, and dust over time, leading to lower airflow. That will decrease the engine power, cause slower acceleration, and cause poor fuel efficiency. The replacement and cleaning of these parts don’t require advanced skills. Dealing with that alone is a great way to avoid mechanic shops and prevent more expensive repairs.

Moreover, the cooling system is also very important. Coolant is essential for preventing the engine from overheating when pushing the UTV to its limits. Lubricants also have to be replaced from time to time. As you probably know, oil can cause friction in different systems, especially in situations when it gets dirty over time.

Keep in mind that all these processes require skills and experience. If you are a beginner, the best solution is to visit a mechanic shop before heading to adventure to ensure your UTV is in proper condition. That is also the best way to avoid more expensive repairs.

DIY Tips


If you are familiar with different components and repair and replacement methods, dealing with that alone is the best way to save a lot of money. There are some simple tasks that you can easily learn. First of all, we have to mention the filter and oil change.

All you need to do is check these components before driving. When it comes to the oil, be aware that the amount you can add is much lower when compared to cars. Also, adding too much could lead to overheating.

Another useful tip is related to the coolant system. It is crucial to never forget about lubrication. There is no need to check it each time before driving. Still, it can lead to problems if you ignore it longer. While checking the lubrication levels, you should also pay attention to the radiator cap.

The air filter is simple to replace. There are two most common types, the disposable one and the one you can clean and turn back into the vehicle. It depends on where you are driving it when it comes to this part’s replacement frequency.

The battery can also fail if you don’t pay attention. The common mistake is when drivers leave their UTV over the winter. When you are not using it for a longer time, it can fail, resulting in a need for a new one. Therefore, if you are leaving your vehicle in storage for longer, the best option is to use a battery maintainer.

On the other side, it is essential for you to learn more about different processes related to replacement and repairs. That will help you save a lot of money and time since you will be able to deal with the maintenance in your garage.

Don’t Rush


There is no need to panic when dealing with a broken engine or some other part. Calling a professional service is a simple solution, but also the most expensive one. On the other hand, that could be some minor issue that you can fix alone.

The first step is to clean the vehicle. Mud and dirt are common problems blocking the filters and other components. You should check other elements if the engine doesn’t start after cleaning. If you cannot determine the main cause of the failure, that is a sign to call an expert.

There is a wide range of services that you can find. You should explore the well-known and reliable options that don’t want to trick you and ask for more money only because you don’t know what is causing the problem.

The same is for stores that are selling various parts. Remember that choosing the most affordable item is not always the right solution. Instead, learn more about the model you are driving and the best parts to always use for it.

When you know the required spare parts, you can research the market and compare the prices in different stores to find the best deal. Ensure the dealership is reliable and that you are getting a proper warranty.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, many ways to save money on repairs and maintenance exist. However, getting more experience and proper skills is essential to help you deal with various processes without any assistance.

The goal of every UTV driver should be to keep the vehicle in proper condition all the time. That is the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises and the need to spend a lot of money on some repairs. Also, the terrain and style of driving can affect the condition.

If you prefer challenging adventures and driving over the mud, sand, and water, that will have a bigger impact on various components, meaning that you might need to change the filters and other parts more often. A common mistake is when drivers are not paying enough attention to that.

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